What Should You Know About Teeth Whitening?

Get Professional Teeth Whitening services in Charleston SC Area

A sparkling, white smile is the first thing people notice about you, and it makes a significant difference in your appearance. Our teeth dull from certain foods, wear and tear, smoking, drinking wine, and coffee.    However, it does not mean that you must stick and live with discolored teeth. Teeth whitening is an effective solution that helps you solve this problem. If you are looking for a teeth whitening dentist office in Charleston, SC, here are several things you should know about this procedure:   There Are Certain Contraindications   Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not for everyone. There are … Continue reading

Charleston area dentist offers a solution for teeth whitening using professional-grade trays

In Charleston Area Dentist Offers a Solution for Teeth Whitening Using Professional-grade Trays

A brighter, whiter smile is the common goal of many of our patients at Mouth Carolina Dentistry. Patients who are looking to enhance their look for the upcoming holiday season will find that professional whitening for teeth is where it’s at! Charleston, SC dentist, Dr. Andrew Greenberg, is a dentist who is pleased to offer a solution for teeth whitening that works faster and lasts longer than any treatment available over-the-counter at the local drugstores. How to brighten the smile professionally While many dental practices offer in-office bleaching procedures, many of these leave patients with sensitive teeth. Instead, Dr. Andrew … Continue reading

Enjoy professional teeth whitening services with a Charleston, SC area dentist

Professional Whitening at Mouth Carolina Dentistry in Charleston SC Area

Patients in the Charleston, SC area who are interested in brightening their teeth may turn to their local drugstore aisles to find whitening products such as toothpaste, strips, and trays. Unfortunately, many of these products are not powerful enough to offer patients the results they desire. At this point, Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry will recommend professional whitening services to brighten the teeth with highly concentrated gels with stronger ingredients. Why whitening the teeth? Whitening the teeth is the fastest and easiest way to add brilliance and beauty to the smile. While many patients may have a healthy … Continue reading

Dentist office in Charleston offers professional teeth whitening treatments

Dentist Office in Charleston Area Offers Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

On the top of the list of aesthetic improvements patients ask for at Mouth Carolina Dentistry is a whiter, brighter smile. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and his team are pleased to offer Charleston, SC area patients a way to achieve this without having to throw money away on teeth whitening treatments available over-the-counter. Many of these strips, trays, and pens fail to provide the dramatic results patients desire. Instead, we recommend patients ask their dentist about the benefits of in-office professional whitening. Why whiten the smile? If patients are asked what makes them think of a smile as healthy and beautiful, … Continue reading

Enjoy professional teeth whitening near James Island, SC in the comfort of your own home!

Teeth Whitening Near James in Island SC area

Patients with a dull or discolored smile may be unsure as to the ways they can brighten the natural tooth enamel without harming it. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and the staff at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA welcome patients in the community near James Island, SC to discuss with them the advantages of professional teeth whitening solutions. Patients seeking a brilliant smile are often encouraged to consider our take-home whitening kits available through our practice. How can I whiten my teeth at home? While there is a wide range of over-the-counter whitening products in the oral healthcare aisle, many of these can … Continue reading

Tips for whitening your smile with professional teeth whitening for patients near Charleston, SC

At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, they encourage patients to take the time to learn about the wide variety of services they provide in their practice.

The team of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is committed to providing men and women with solutions for improving the appearance and health of their teeth. With professional teeth whitening options, patients in and near the area of Charleston, SC can enjoy a bright smile. Bleaching the teeth has been done for years and is a viable way of enhancing the smile quickly and easily in a professional manner. What about over-the-counter options? While there are several whitening solutions available at the local drug store, many patients try them and feel as though they don’t provide enough brightening. Instead, we recommend … Continue reading

Charleston dentist offers treatment to whiten with minimal risk from the convenience of home

Charleston Dentist Offers Treatment To Whiten With Minimal Risk From The Convenience Of Home

Chances are, when you think of ways to achieve a brighter, whiter smile, a spectrum of treatments come to mind. On one end of that spectrum, you have store-bought or OTC products and whitening trays. On the other end of that spectrum, you have in-office professional whitening. The latter treatment may be marketed as “power whitening,” because the results are supposed to be dramatic (“up to eight shades!”) and the procedure is supposed to be fast (“in just one hour!”). Dr. Andrew Greenberg’s treatment of choice combines the best of both worlds —the convenience and affordability of home products with … Continue reading

How Does Tray Tooth Whitening Work? Charleston Dentist Explains

How Does Tray Tooth Whitening Work? Charleston Dentist Explains

Dr. Greenberg of Charleston is a tooth whitening dentist that offers a powerful way for patients to improve their smile. Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure due to the fact that it can easily improve the appearance of a patient’s smile quickly. Teeth that have become dull or discolored can benefit from teeth whitening methods. At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, Dr. Greenberg offers one effective way for patients to bring forth a more brilliant smile. Teeth bleaching trays are used to help patients maintain the smile they’ve always wanted. It is safe, effective, affordable, and easy for patients of … Continue reading

Best method for professional teeth whitening through your Charleston dentist

Best Method For Professional Teeth Whitening Through Your Charleston Dentist

While there are teeth whitening products available over-the-counter at drug stores, many patients come to their dentist looking for professional teeth whitening. Charleston dentist, Dr. Greenberg, offers professional whitening solutions for those who have been unhappy with strips and one-size-fits- all whitening trays and kits. An affordable and effective alternative to these commercial whitening supplies are professional-grade whitening kits available at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA your local Charleston, SC dental office. Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is focused on providing patients with whitening products that deliver true results that last. At our practice, we do not offer in-office whitening treatments, as … Continue reading

Many types of teeth whitening, but not all are safe and effective

Many Types Of Teeth Whitening, But Not All Are Safe And Effective

Bright, dazzling teeth: we love them, but not everyone has them. One could say that we are fortunate to live in a time when there are so many types of teeth whitening treatment from which to choose. On the other hand, sometimes more choices does not bring more advantage. With so many DIY, commercial, and professional methods of teeth whitening promoted today, choosing the best type of teeth whitening can be a real challenge. Dr. Greenberg has been helping patients form Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding areas successfully remove set-in stains for years. To get the results you really want, all … Continue reading

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