Benefits of Dental Crowns

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A dental crown is a fixed restoration, which encases the tooth in a strong, durable material, most often porcelain. It may be recommended for a broken, badly decayed, worn, or weakened tooth. The procedure is gentle and efficient, typically only requiring two appointments.

The primary benefits of dental crowns include:
  • Functional restoration – Teeth often lose height over time due to wear and tear. Additionally, damage or decay alters the size and shape. These changes can alter chewing patterns, and the way teeth fit together when your mouth is closed. Additionally, an undamaged, but misshapen, tooth may cause the same types of problems. A dental crown will restore the healthy, natural size and shape of the tooth.

  • Strengthening – A large cavity can weaken the structure of a tooth. Although a filling will stop and repair the decay, it may not reinforce the tooth enough to prevent damage. This often happens when and old, large filling needs to be replaced. If the tooth has decayed or fractured behind the filling, when it is removed, it will leave an even larger cavity than the one that was treated in the first place.

  • Protection – A crown covers all sides of the tooth, fitting over it like a thimble. Therefore, it can effectively protect a compromised tooth from damage or fracturing. For this reason, crowns are often placed on teeth following root canal treatment. Although the procedure restores the health of the tooth, it causes some brittleness.

  • Cosmetic enhancement – A crown is rarely recommended for exclusively cosmetic reasons. A healthy, strong tooth with aesthetic flaws can usually be treated with a porcelain veneer, which is a more conservative option. For damaged teeth, a dental crown provides the same cosmetic benefits as a veneer, in addition to full restoration and protection. Often, for a full smile makeover, some teeth are crowned and others are treated with veneers, as determined by specific health needs.
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