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Dr. Greenburg was quick and both procedures were nearly painless. He genuinely cares about the care he provides his patients. The entire staff are top-notch.
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We give you outstanding dental attention at Mouth Carolina. If you want to restore damaged teeth and transform them to look exceptionally good, then visit us at our inviting facility where you will feel completely at ease.

Many people have teeth that are chipped, discolored or broken, which cause distress and depression. On careful examination of your situation, our dentist might suggest that you get a crown. This is a fixed prosthodontic dental procedure which puts in a non-removable fixture. Once in, it will stay in.

A dental crown is literally a tooth armor put right over your existing tooth, completely encasing it, covering it and strengthening it. If you have had a root canal, a crown is often recommended to protect your tooth.

The procedure will usually take two visits to our clinic. The first will be to shape down your tooth in preparation for its new shining jacket, and take a tooth impression. The impression goes to the laboratory to create the final crown. You are then fitted with a temporary crown to preserve the tooth until the second visit, where we cement on your permanent crown.

A crown can be made of ceramic, gold or porcelain fused with metal. Your cost will depend on which material you select to suit your purpose and budget. We invite you to spend some time discussing the relative pros and cons at our clinic and find the most suitable material for your needs.

Your choice will depend on both the aesthetic and durability qualities of the substance selected. For the best effects, zirconia crowns are ideal. They are also known as "Lava" crowns and are made of a fusion of metal and porcelain. Gold is also an old-time favorite as it is strong, long lasting and particularly compatible with teeth.
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