West Ashley, SC area Dentist describes the care of Dental Veneers

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Patients with dental veneers in the West Ashley, SC often ask their dentist how they are supposed to maintain them to improve their longevity. Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry can help patients understand how important it is to maintain dental veneers to ensure they have a beautiful smile for many years!

Porcelain veneers, also known as dental veneers, are thin pieces of ceramic that are custom-fabricated for patients to cover up areas of imperfections in their smile. Veneers can disguise problems such as staining, breakage, unwanted spaces, and even unusually shaped teeth. They are bonded over the front and look completely natural, making them a wonderful solution for cosmetic dentistry patients.

Dental veneers look just like the natural teeth and function just the same, though they do require patients to maintain their dental health to allow them to last as long as possible. Poor oral health is one of the reasons patients lose dental restorations so it is best that patients continue to maintain brushing and flossing of the teeth. Patients should also attend their bi-annual recall appointments for an examination to catch any problems early enough to intervene. Dr. Andrew Greenberg suggests patients have x-rays often to check for any signs of decay underneath veneers which may be undetectable otherwise.

When patients take good care of their porcelain veneers, they can expect them to last a decade or longer. This makes veneers a wonderful value for patients who may have also considered restoration methods such as composite resin dental bonding, which can also provide coverage but will not last as long and is susceptible to unwanted staining. Most patients find the receive much more value out of veneers when they take good care of them than they will dental bonding which is not intended to last as long.

If you live in the West Ashley, SC area, have veneers, and are interested in learning more about the care and attention they require to last many, many years, contact the team of Mouth Carolina Dentistry today. We recommend patients consider veneers when wanting to improve the aesthetics of their smile and address imperfections which make them feel self-conscious about the way they look.

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