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Smile Makeover
This patient presented with discolored and misaligned teeth and severe fear of dentists. He desired a brighter and more aesthetic smile but did not want to have surgery or braces. For this case we utilized full-mouth bleaching initially. Next we used models made from the patient's teeth to create a wax representation of what his new crowns would look like. Through consultations with the patient we were able to arrive at an aesthetic result in wax that was very pleasing to him. At this point we prepared the teeth for the crowns and made temporary crowns for the patient to try out the different shades of white to make sure he was happy with the color and to make sure he was comfortable with the bite before we made the final crowns. Once we arrived at a shade of his choosing and verified the bite we had six Lava crowns fabricated for the top front six teeth. The end result is a drastic and very natural-looking transformation that was extremely gratifying for this office and our patient. His fear of the dentist has been virtually eliminated.