Live in the 29407 zip code and want a healthy smile? Listen to your experienced dentist

Listen to your experienced dentist

Enjoying a healthy, gorgeous smile is not all that difficult. A combination of focused, daily oral hygiene practices and regular dental examinations takes very little time compared to the benefits that are received. Your family dentist provides restorative care when needed, and aids in the prevention of cavities by giving demonstrations of oral hygiene techniques, and offering specialty treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants. Still, oral health, although monitored by the dentist, is largely determined by what we do on a daily basis.

Various factors impact the health of teeth and gums. Perhaps most primarily are the foods and beverages we regularly consume. Most people are aware that sugar is not a friend to oral health, even if they do not fully understand why. Limiting the amount of sugar consumed on a daily basis is not only good for general health, but also for teeth and gums. Sugar is a source of empty calories, which is completely unnecessary for physical health. This substance is also largely responsible for cavity development, though not a direct cause. Sugar feeds the bacteria that weaken healthy enamel, paving the way for tooth damage.

Although sugar is a substance that should be avoided as much as possible, other ingredients in popular beverages also pose a great threat to oral health. Many of the beverages popular today contain large amounts of acid, which is as detrimental to oral health as sugar is. In the same way sugar remains on teeth and gums long after a sweet treat has been enjoyed, acid also clings. As tooth enamel is porous, the threat to teeth is significant.

The bacteria that cause cavities secrete acid waste onto teeth, which is the cause of cavities. When acidic beverages are regularly consumed, the effects of bacteria are actually promoted, even if the drink does not contain sugar.

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Is one drink healthier than the other?

Research shows the direction in which many families are moving in an effort to avoid sugary sodas and juices: sport drinks. Viewed as a healthy alternative, these beverages may be found in lunch boxes and in school vending machines. Studies into the impact of such drinks may cause you to question if one drink is really healthier than the other.

According to recent research, sport and energy drinks contain such excessive amounts of acid that teeth are impacted within days of regular consumption. A study published in General Dentistry followed 13 different sport drinks, monitoring the effects of acid on teeth. In five days, noticeable damage occurred. Reports on energy drinks show that effects were double in the same time frame.

We cannot expect all of our patients in the 29407 zip code to avoid acidic or sugary foods and drinks completely. If you crave optimal oral health, listen to your dentist. Brush and floss your teeth every day, paying close attention to detail. Combined with regular dental check-ups, these steps go a long way to promote healthy teeth.

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