Where patients near Charleston, SC can obtain affordable dental crowns

Mouth Carolina Dentistry are also focused on the appearance of the new restoration as well as how it restores the function and health of the smile.

It is common for a general and cosmetic dentist to have a number of dental solutions available in his or her practice. Dr. Andrew Greenberg near Charleston, SC is a dedicated dental professional who can help patients with a myriad of dental health concerns. Additionally, he can provide restorative and cosmetic care for specific situations that require an artistic, experienced eye. When patients need to replace a restoration, provide extra protection to a broken tooth, or find a way to restore a dental implant, dental crowns may be the way to go.

Dental crowns are cosmetic restorations made of ceramic that are custom-made to cover natural teeth in a patient’s smile. They are perfect for repairing areas of breakage that may be a serious concern when it comes to maintaining the tooth and protecting the structure. Dental crowns can help reduce the need for extracting natural teeth.

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Dr. Andrew Greenberg is proud to offer dental crowns, and can ensure his patients that his crowns are not only durable and high quality, but affordable. Our practice combines both cost and quality to ensure patients have access to some of the best restorations in the area that will fit in their budget. We also work with several dental insurance companies, which may help reduce or eliminate the out-of-pocket expenses for patients who require restorations such as these. Our office staff can help guide patients through the process of filing dental insurance claims to obtain this reimbursement, and can make initial contact with the insurance company to determine if reimbursement is possible with the treatment patients require.

If you live in or near the Charleston, SC area and want to work closely with a quality dentist, contact Dr. Andrew Greenberg and his team of professionals at Mouth Carolina Dentistry. We have several years of experience in providing area patients with quality dentistry services including preventative care, general dentistry, cosmetic, and restorative treatments for patients of all ages. We encourage new and existing patients to book an appointment with our practice and learn about the ways in which dentistry can enhance the beauty of natural smiles, improve function, and restore health.

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