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A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is said. However, it may be even more valuable than that for cosmetic dentistry patients. Creating a functional, healthy, long lasting dental bridge or other restoration requires dental skills and quality materials. Creating a cosmetically beautiful restoration involves these same elements, along with an artistic flair, which cannot be learned. If the aesthetic outcome of treatment is important to you, it is advisable to view photographic examples of the dentist’s work. On our smile gallery page you will find a collection of “before and after” photos of actual patients from our office.

Before and After Dental Bridges Charleston Photo

How dental bridges restore and preserve your smile

Missing teeth can take a toll on your appearance in many ways. Naturally, the most obvious concern is the gap in your smile, particularly if you’ve lost a front tooth. However, there are other problems associated with missing teeth. Over time, the adjacent teeth can shift, tilting toward the gap. In addition to affecting the appearance of straight teeth, it can make oral hygiene more challenging. Crooked or crowded teeth create the ideal environment for plaque and tartar buildup, because it is difficult to clean between them.

Dental bridges protect your smile in many ways:

  • Complete your dazzling smile with a natural-looking restoration
  • Prevent the shifting of other teeth, keeping your smile healthy and beautifully aligned
  • Help distribute chewing pressure more evenly, preventing excess wear on certain teeth
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Caring for a dental bridge

Your oral hygiene routine after treatment will not be very different than it was before, but you will need to pay special attention to the area between the pontic (false tooth) and the gum. Bridges are designed so that the tooth sits firmly against the gum tissue, for a natural feel and appearance. Therefore, traditional brushing and flossing techniques cannot remove plaque buildup under the bridge.

You have several options, such as stiff-ended dental floss, an oral irrigator, or a floss threader, which can be used to clean this area. We will help you choose the right one for you, and explain the best techniques for using it. Please call us at (843)751 4262 with questions or appointment requests, and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.

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