Integrating Mouthwash and Dental Floss into Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Dental Floss into Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Two products that you can purchase to integrate into your oral hygiene regimen include dental floss and mouthwash. When combined with regular brushing and recall appointment visits, both dental floss and mouthwash can help you further care for your teeth and keep them clean and healthy between visits to the dentist.

There are a number of different kinds of mouthwashes available, so it is a good idea to consult with Dentist Andrew Greenberg of Charleston SC to find out which ones can benefit your smile the most. Some are made specifically to address issues such as plaque control, cavity prevention, dry mouth, and bad breath. Some of these issues may even stem from a dental hygiene issue which can be investigated during your bi-annual examinations with Dr. Greenberg. You should remember, however, that mouthwash does not replace effective brushing or flossing.

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Dental floss is the perfect way to enhance your oral hygiene regimen. Dr. Greenberg can show you the importance of flossing between teeth to discourage the growth of plaque and tartar, and can demonstrate the techniques that can provide the best results. Many patients don’t floss because they are not sure how to, so getting a proper education on how to do it right will help you feel more at ease and can assist you in bettering your dental routine. There are flossing tools available such as floss holders and tiny brushes that can be of assistance if you are having difficulty flossing. They can be especially helpful for people with limited hand movement.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Charleston SC’s Mouth Carolina Dentistry is one of the best and creative dentists in the area. He is available to consult with his patients regarding the benefits of integrating mouthwash and dental floss into one’s dental hygiene regimen, and can help patients select effective, high-quality products to help them take the best care of their smile! If you are interested in seeing a qualified dentist that will be able to work with you in finding ways to enhance your smile through at-home products, call Dr. Greenberg today to schedule a consultation appointment at Mouth Carolina Dentistry!

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