Does insurance cover the cost of crowns for teeth by Charleston dentists?

It is common for patients who come to Dr. Greenberg, Charleston dentist, to find out that they may require restorations such as crowns for teeth. Dental crowns are commonly used in both general and cosmetic dentistry to protect a tooth, change the appearance of a tooth, or restore a dental implant, which is made to replace a missing tooth. These restorations are extremely versatile and have a number of benefits for patients who need them. However, patients who are told they need a dental crown will often ask if their dental insurance will cover the procedure.

Does insurance cover the cost of crowns for teeth

It is difficult to provide a simple “yes” or “no” answer to this question. Not all dental insurance plans are the same, and some provide full coverage, partial coverage, or no coverage at all for specific services. In most cases, we recommend that patients contact their dental insurance company and ask about the benefits they provide, or look at their initial paperwork and manual to determine the coverage they have.

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In some cases, dental crowns may be covered, depending on the situation and the need. If the crown is placed for a strictly cosmetic purpose, most dental insurance will cover a part of the cost or none at all. However, when patients need a crown for protection of a tooth, such as after a root canal procedure, or when a tooth is broken or chipped, most dental insurances will cover a portion, if not all, depending on the coverage purchased. Again, it is difficult to determine the exact coverage as all plans are different, but in most cases, dental crowns that are necessary for dental health and chewing efficiency will be covered to some extent.

If you are concerned about the coverage of your dental insurance, it is best to contact them to learn more about what is covered by your plan. Most companies have several different plan levels at different costs, and you may be able to upgrade your plan accordingly, depending on the flexibility your dental insurance company can provide.

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