Charleston SC patients prevent painful wisdom teeth symptoms, complications with regular dental exams

You probably won’t think about the third molars that are better known as “wisdom teeth” until you have a problem with them. That problem usually manifests itself as jaw pain and swelling; gum irregularities such as unusual redness, puffiness and bleeding; and bad breath. You may also experience difficulty opening your mouth and an unpleasant taste.

Charleston SC patients prevent painful wisdom teeth symptoms

The problem is actually rooted in impacted wisdom teeth. Not everyone will have problems with wisdom teeth, which get their nickname from the fact that they are the last permanent teeth to appear. Some people don’t even develop wisdom teeth. Many, however, will find these molars appear when they’re coming of age and supposedly gaining “wisdom” — usually from the late teens to mid-20s.

When a wisdom tooth becomes “impacted,” it doesn’t grow in the mouth normally. Part of the tooth may break through the gums or all of the tooth may remain under the gum line. This represents the difference between a “partially impacted” and a “fully impacted” tooth.

A tooth may become impacted when:

  • It grows at an angle, either too far forward toward the second molar or backward in the mouth
  • It develops at a right angle to the other teeth, so as to rest flat

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In some cases, the third molars don’t grow in at an angle at all but simply refuse to surface from the gums. Aside from the discomfort and outright pain this dental problem can cause, wisdom teeth can cause a whole host of other problems. Cysts and benign tumors can damage the jawbone and nerves. The third molar also places excessive pressure on other teeth, causing wear and tear. These teeth can even push neighboring teeth out of alignment.

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A symptom-free wisdom tooth isn’t synonymous with a problem-free wisdom tooth. Sometimes there isn’t enough space at the back of the mouth to clean the tooth properly. When you don’t clean teeth properly this is an open invitation for the decay that leads to gum disease and tooth loss.

Wisdom teeth underscore the importance of establishing a healthy routine with Dr. Andrew Greenberg and his team at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. During regular check-ups and professional cleanings, the team can identify any problems with these teeth before symptoms occur. This may also help to prevent any complications associated with extracting the wisdom tooth as the process can vary depending on the complexity of each patient’s extraction. If you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary, especially with the area toward the back of your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact Mouth Carolina’s Charleston SC office. Dr. Greenberg will identify potential wisdom teeth and oral health problems early.

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