How Does Tray Tooth Whitening Work? Charleston Dentist Explains

Dr. Greenberg of Charleston is a tooth whitening dentist that offers a powerful way for patients to improve their smile. Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure due to the fact that it can easily improve the appearance of a patient’s smile quickly. Teeth that have become dull or discolored can benefit from teeth whitening methods.

How Does Tray Tooth Whitening Work? Charleston Dentist Explains

At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, Dr. Greenberg offers one effective way for patients to bring forth a more brilliant smile. Teeth bleaching trays are used to help patients maintain the smile they’ve always wanted. It is safe, effective, affordable, and easy for patients of all ages to whiten their teeth and maintain a more beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening with trays begins with an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg will first discuss with the patient whether they are a proper candidate for teeth whitening. Patients that have restorations such as dental crowns, bridges, and veneers, may not be viable candidates, as restorations are not affected by the whitening agent. Once it has been determined that the patient can use whitening trays, Dr. Greenberg will take impressions of both the upper, and lower dental arches. These are used to create the custom whitening trays that patients will take home with them for the full whitening experience.

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When the trays are complete, patients will be given whitening gels. The patient is instructed on how to utilize the gel with the trays. The gel is placed in the tray and worn for a specific period each day, typically for several weeks for the best results. Each patient’s individual instructions will be different, depending on the level of whiteness he or she is planning on achieving.

Whitening trays are convenient and easy for patients to use regularly to maintain their new whiter, brighter smile. Dr. Greenberg is happy to offer this affordable alternative to over-the-counter whitening strips and other drugstore products that do not produce the results that patients truly want. The team at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is committed to the beauty and health of patients’ smiles!

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