The Types of Breaks Your Teeth Could Have and How a Dental Crown Can Help

A dental crown is a tooth restoration option that protects a weakened tooth from further damage. A tooth could be compromised due to many reasons, including excess decay, a severe chip or break. Whatever the reason, Dr. Andrew Greenberg and his team at Mouth Carolina Dentistry in Charleston, South Carolina, can examine your tooth to determine if a cosmetic dental crown is required. 

Cosmetic Dental Crowns in Charleston SC Area

Your tooth could require a dental crown because it has been chipped. A chipped tooth can do a lot more than ruin the appearance of your smile and lower your self-confidence. It could lead to other dental health issues if you do not seek medical attention from your dentist. It does not matter how careful you are. Anybody can be the recipient of a broken or chipped tooth. The slightest mistake, such as bumping while drinking out of a glass bottle or while eating hard food, could result in a chip or break. Those who fail to care for their teeth properly are at a higher risk, especially those with untreated tooth decay.

The first step will be determining the tooth injury’s severity, which can fall into different classifications. 

Craze Lines 

If you have a minor tooth fracture that is only in the tooth’s enamel, this would be considered a craze line. This type of break is usually painless and will be considered cosmetic, but it is still wise to see your dentist to determine an effective treatment method. In this case, a dental crown could be implemented as a cosmetic fix. 

Actual Patient Before and After Results

Before and After image of Cosmetic Dental Crowns in Charleston SC Area


Severe Break 

As it sounds, a severe break will be detrimental to your oral health and should be considered an emergency. It will likely be painful, and if the break is deep enough to expose the inner nerves of the tooth, it will need to be treated, followed by a dental crown. 

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Split Root 

When the root of a tooth fractures and makes its way to the chewing surface, this is called a split root. Infection and inflammation are common symptoms, which is a rare case where extraction may be the best solution. 

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