A Facelift through Cosmetic Dentistry

All of us strive to look our best. We use cosmetics to address our face, clothes to address our body, and gel and hairspray to address our hair. The same goes for our teeth–we all need a great cosmetic dentist in order to address our smile. It should receive as much attention as any other part of our body, if not more, since research shows there are several links to our oral health and our overall health and well-being.

Cosmetic Dentist West Ashley: Dr. Andrew Greenberg is a reputed cosmetic dentist who provides his services in West Ashley as well

The first thing acquaintances will oftentimes notice about you when they meet you is your smile. A radiant, beautiful smile says a lot, and can convey self-confidence and attention to looking our best for ourselves and others. Just as you might consider a facelift to make yourself look younger, you can also obtain a “facelift” through cosmetic dentistry.

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Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina is a cosmetic dentist that has years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to back him up as one of the best cosmetic dentists in the West Ashley area. As a member of the American Dental Association, as well as other affiliations, he is constantly learning and exploring all the options available in cosmetic dentistry to provide beautiful, natural-looking smiles for his patients, both old and young.

Cosmetic dentistry can perk up most any smile. With the use of veneers, crowns, tooth whitening, dental implants, and bridges, cosmetic dentist Dr. Greenberg can transform your smile into one you can be proud of! White, straight, natural-looking teeth are all part of an amazing smile, and Dr. Greenberg is a dentist who can help you obtain the self-confidence that comes with wonderful teeth!

If you are considering giving yourself a “facelift” through cosmetic dentistry, call Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina in West Ashley today to schedule a consultation appointment. Together with Dr. Greenberg, you will discover the advantages of a truly experienced cosmetic dentist and the ability one has to provide a beautiful smile for you and your family!

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Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA

Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA - Dr. Andrew Greenberg

Dr. Andrew Greenberg completed his Bachelor’s Degree in New Orleans, Louisiana at Tulane University. He graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 2009, where he portrayed excellent academic performance. He exercises his academic brilliance to the benefit of his patients every day. He grew up in a family with a dental background and showed interest in the field since his early days.

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