Is the bridge treatment painful?

Immediately after your bridge treatment you may feel some tension in the teeth that were treated. Ordinary pain relievers should reduce this tension. If the sensitivity persists or gets worse, there may be an inflammation in the teeth, or one of the supporting teeth may be affected. In this instance it would be necessary to contact the dentist to evaluate your condition.

Dentist Charleston - Is the bridge treatment painful

In the last 10 years, dentistry has been transformed by science and technology. Many people avoid getting regular checkups and dental care because of a bad experience they have had in the past. In some instances, they have not seen a dentist in 15 or 20 years.  The most notable changes have been due to local anesthesia.  In years past, dentists used the local anesthetic Novocain. Many people still associate this anesthetic with what dentists use for what most people refer to as “the shot.”  Due to higher allergic reactions, Novocain is rarely used as a general anesthetic in the dental community.

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Typically, dentists today use Lidocaine, Bupivacaine, Septocaine®, Mepivacaine, and other common anesthetics to control or numb the pain.  Septocaine® is a recently FDA approved anesthetic and may be stronger than other anesthetics. This helps to block the pain signals the nerve sends to your brain and allows the dentist to complete the dental procedure painlessly.

Some dentists choose to use modern devices such as a dental laser or a technique called air abrasion.  Many dental procedures can now be treated painlessly without using a needle or a dental drill. Air abrasion dentistry can easily clean out tooth decay in a matter of minutes. Due to these advancements, happy patients spend less time sitting in the dental chair. Another option is sedation dentistry. This allows the patient to be sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment. Contact Mouth Carolina to see what we can do to help keep you pain free too!

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