After Bridges Are Placed

After Bridges Are Placed

Dental bridges will replace missing teeth and give back a smile that you can be proud of. While the process of preparing your teeth and getting the bridge placed is talked about quite often, there is little said on what you should expect after the bridges are placed in your mouth and what you need to do to take care of them properly.

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A fixed dental bridge can last up to ten years or more, and as with any treatment that depends on how healthy you keep your surrounding teeth as well. You have to be aware that you have a bridge and be careful of what you chew with it. Taking the proper precautions will prevent cracks, breakage, and decay. Floss under your dental bridge daily to prevent plaque and calculus from forming, and continue your daily hygiene routine. If you used to grind your teeth in the past, stop doing so with your dental bridge as it may crack or break. You may need a custom fitted night guard if you are grinding at night to protect your investment and your smile.

Proper care and hygiene will also ensure that you prevent more complicated issues from arising. Another important factor is to visit your dentist on a regular basis to make sure that your teeth are healthy and to prevent disease from occurring.

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Will there be any sensitivity after the bridges are placed in the mouth?

In some cases, the bridges may be sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. Soon after the bridges are placed, avoid chewing sticky or hard foods. And to help ease discomfort in your mouth, rinse with warm salt water.

Will a fixed bridge look good?

Fixed bridges can be made to look natural and to match the adjoining natural teeth. A bridge in the front of the mouth will restore and can even improve the smile. With the technology available today, the color and shape can be matched to your natural teeth so that the bridge doesn’t stand out or look out of place.

Dental bridges are one of the best options to replace missing teeth. Dr. Greenberg and his team are experts in this area and can advise you on the best treatment according to your needs. Consult with them to get all the information you need and to find out if bridges are the right solution for you.

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