Why Charleston area patients may consider a bridge for missing teeth

Bridge for Missing Teeth Charleston

Dr. Andrew Greenberg assists Charleston area patients with the beauty, health, and restoration of their smiles. When patients are seeking a solution for missing teeth, Dr. Andrew Greenberg may suggest the placement of a dental bridge. A dental bridge is an appliance that is permanently bonded to the adjacent teeth surrounding a gap left by a missing tooth. This gap must be closed as soon as possible to maintain the alignment of the existing teeth and ensure the smile functions at its best. While there are other solutions for missing teeth, including dental implants and dentures, dental bridges are commonly … Continue reading

Are bridges reliable options for replacing a missing tooth in Charleston?

Missing tooth options in charleston photo

When patients lose or have teeth extracted from their smile, it can be devastating to both the appearance and the function. This is why patients in the Charleston area visit the practice of Dr. Andrew Greenberg at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA for quality care and restoration of their smile. His practice offers a myriad of missing tooth options including implants (restoration only), dentures, and dental bridges. Dental bridges are a reliable option for replacing a missing tooth. These restorations can last many years with proper care and attention. Patients find that dental bridges are fast, easy, and simple to care … Continue reading

Benefits of dental bridges for Charleston area patients – Related FAQ’s

Benefits of Dental Bridges Charleston FAQ

Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Charleston is happy to answer FAQ his patients may have about the benefits of dental bridges as a way to restore the smile after tooth loss. What are dental bridges? Dental bridges are aesthetic restorations used to replace missing natural teeth. They are made of porcelain crowns and pontics (false teeth) to restore the smile’s function and appearance. Are dental bridges permanent? Dental bridges are more permanent than solutions such as dentures, and are not removable. However, if they are damaged or decay occurs under the bridges, they may need to be replaced. Will a dental … Continue reading

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Benefits of Dental Bridges Charleston SC

Your smile is important, both cosmetically and for health reasons. If you have lost a natural tooth, prompt replacement is important for several reasons. Dental bridges are among the most popular solutions. Most commonly, a dental bridge replaces one tooth. The benefits of replacing missing teeth include: Improved chewing function – Missing teeth can make chewing difficult, possibly even causing you to give up your favorite foods. It also alters your natural chewing pattern, leading to excess strain or wear on certain teeth. Dental bridges are stable and secure, restoring your chewing efficiency. Oral health – Due to lack of … Continue reading

Charleston, SC dentist discusses options for filling dental gaps with bridges

Filling Dental Gaps With Bridges Charleston SC Photo

Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA understands no two patients are alike. With several treatments to choose from for most dental concerns, you are sure to find an option that will bring a smile to your face. Missing teeth represent one of the most concerning dental problems. A lack of teeth affects your confidence and progressively causes functional problems due to bone loss. The dental team applauds you for taking this important step toward better health and an improved outlook. Filling dental gaps with bridges in Charleston, SC may be an attractive alternative to implants, depending on your physiology, budget, and time … Continue reading

When looking for a way to restore missing teeth, Charleston SC patients ask, “What is a dental bridge?”

What is a teeth Bridge Charleston SC

A dental bridge is among the most well-established ways to replace a missing tooth. It may be a preferred option over dental implant-supported crowns in some cases. The bridge costs less upfront and its success does not depend on the volume of existing bone to support the artificial tooth. A cornerstone of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is “choice,” options for every type of dental procedure. If you need to fill a gap with a dental bridge, Dr. Greenberg offers both indirect, lab-made bridges and direct bridges made from composite resin shaped and bonded to teeth. To understand this method of … Continue reading

Dentist near West Ashley SC discusses factors that affect the answer to “How long does a dental bridge last in your mouth?”

How Long does a Dental Bridge Last in Your Mouth West Ashley SC

While it’s common for a fixed bridge to last more than a decade, this restoration can last a lifetime. A dental bridge’s longevity may only be limited by oral care. Like other types of dental restorations, bridges can become loose. A bridge is only as good as its fit. An ill-fitting bridge increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Food can become trapped in spaces created underneath and around the bridge. These spaces may harbor disease-producing bacteria that feed off of the sugars in food and drinks. You can ensure your bridge stays strong and lasts for a … Continue reading

Dentist discusses how to prevent complications of tooth loss in Charleston with dental bridges

How to prevent complications of tooth loss

Extracting a tooth should always be a last resort. If you have a few spaces where teeth used to be, never fear, treatment is available. You are never too old to replace missing teeth. In fact, the sooner you replace the tooth, the better. You prevent the progression of damage that is already being done to your existing teeth and the rest of your mouth. That damage starts as soon as a tooth is pulled, or it falls out. Think about the natural structure of your mouth. Your teeth are supported by the alveolar bone. This sac-like bone needs stimulation … Continue reading

West Ashley patients realize the benefits of implants without the high price tag, thanks to affordable bridges

Affordable Bridges West Ashley

If when you think of options to replace one or more missing teeth all you see is dollar signs, Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA wants to change your perception. Not all tooth replacement options are costly. In addition, by opting to replace a tooth or teeth with dental bridges you avoid a number of much more costly complications associated with gaps. Value The dental bridge procedure gets its name from the fact that an artificial tooth or pontic is attached to teeth on either side of the gap, so it effectively bridges the space. Since the pontic is fixed to your … Continue reading

West Ashley area dentist describes the use of a bridge to replace a missing tooth

Tooth Bridge West Ashley - Use of a bridge to replace a missing tooth

The thought of having to replace teeth in the smile makes many patients in the West Ashley area cringe. It often brings to mind unattractive, ill-fitting dentures. However, patients have a wide range of solutions available to them when they need to repair their smile with false teeth, including dental bridges. A dental bridge is used to replace just one tooth or several teeth within the smile. They can be used to enhance function and aesthetics. These restorations are not removable in the same way a partial denture is. This ceramic piece is made to bond over the adjacent teeth … Continue reading

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