Cosmetic and Non-cosmetic Functions of Dental Crowns

In Charleston, South Carolina, dental crowns are used to revive damaged teeth. However, these tiny, tooth-shaped caps have a lesser-known use — dental crowns can be used to correct cosmetic issues in your smile. At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, we recommend dental crowns to fix numerous dental concerns, including:

Cosmetic Dental Crowns Tratments Near Me In Charleston SC
  • Covering a stained tooth: Teeth whitening is only effective in erasing extrinsic tooth discoloration. However, for severe intrinsic tooth discoloration, you may need a crown or veneer to brighten your smile. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and the team can fabricate a natural-looking dental crown to match the shade of the rest of the teeth.
  • Cover a dental implant: A dental implant needs three components to replace your tooth from the root up to the crown. A titanium crew acts as the tooth root, while an abutment connects the implant to the prosthetic component. Dental crowns are preferred to replace the visible part of your tooth for complete tooth restoration.
  • To anchor a bridge: When a patient prefers a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, the dentist puts crowns on the teeth surrounding the gap. The crowns anchor the bridge in place for stability.
  • Completing the root canal process: When you have an infected tooth root, root canal therapy is the only hope to salvage your tooth. When the root canal process is complete, the final stage is to reinforce your tooth with a natural-looking crown.
  • To protect a damaged tooth: Do you have tooth damage that’s too large for either a tooth filling or inlay? In that case, you need a dental crown. Dental crowns can restore a damaged or decayed tooth, improving your chewing ability while shielding the tooth underneath from further damage.


Before And After Results

Dental Crowns - Before and After

Like any other precious thing, take good care of your dental crowns to restore its beauty and tenacity. Avoid biting hard substances, shun smoking, maintain optimal oral care, and visit a dentist every six months to extend the life of your crowns.

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