Charleston area Dentist describes the best times to consider Dental Crowns

Dentist describes the best times to consider Dental Crowns

Some patients require protection of their natural tooth structure, which can be obtained with some of the best dental crowns in the Charleston area. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and the staff of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA provide many restorative and cosmetic services in their practice, including the fabrication and placement of dental crowns. Dental crowns are porcelain restorations that encase the surface of the tooth along the sides and top. They provide protection, strength, and aesthetic enhancement. They may be used in many instances, including restoring broken teeth, maintaining large fillings, protecting tooth structure after root canal therapy, or enhancing the … Continue reading

The Benefits of Gold

The Benefits of Gold

When looking into the best tooth crowns of Charleston, it is understandable that you will take budget into consideration. Aesthetics tends to come in a close second to cost, which is why gold crowns aren’t usually given as much consideration as they should. Although there are instances where all porcelain crowns result in a better restoration – in front teeth, for example – the use of gold crowns has long been practiced by dentists who tout the strength and longevity of the material. When approaching restorative procedures Charleston Dentist Dr. Andrew Greenberg maintains two basic goals: To be as conservative … Continue reading

Your West Ashley Dentist solves dental problems with Crowns

Dentist solves dental problems with Crowns

A dental crown is essentially a cap that covers all visible surfaces of a tooth Your dentist takes precise measurements to create a crown that fits perfectly, matches your smile beautifully, and functions well. Crowns may be made from gold or other metals, porcelain, ceramic, resin, or porcelain fused to metal. The doctor will help you determine which type of crown is appropriate for your situation, depending on the location of the tooth and your budget. Back teeth are subject to more bite pressure, so gold crowns hold up well. You’ll be more pleased with the aesthetics of porcelain for … Continue reading

When might a Charleston dentist recommend cosmetic dental crowns?

When might a dentist recommend cosmetic dental crowns

Cosmetic dental crowns are commonly used by Charleston dentist Dr. Greenberg for cosmetic and general dentistry purposes. Dental crowns are fabricated from strong, beautiful porcelain and are made to cover an entire tooth. They are bonded over the top to strengthen, support, protect, and improve a natural tooth. Dr. Greenberg, of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, offers dental crowns as well as many other restorations in his practice. There are times that patients may benefit from the placement of a crown, and he will discuss with his patients when this might be necessary. These are some of the situations in which … Continue reading

Why a West Ashley dentist may suggest crowns on teeth

Why a West Ashley dentist may suggest crowns

West Ashley patients may face a variety of dental conditions in which their dentist may suggest placing crowns on natural teeth. Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA helps patients from start to finish in the fabrication of restorations such as these. There are several benefits to the placement of dental crowns. They are made to protect, cover, and restore teeth. Protection When teeth are damaged, they can become weakened. This can happen after root canal therapy, trauma, or when severe tooth decay has developed. In situations such as these, Dr. Greenberg and his team may suggest a patient have … Continue reading

What can a patient expect from a dental crown procedure from a Charleston dentist?

What can a patient expect from a dental crown

Dental crowns are a common restoration in both general and cosmetic dentistry, and serve a variety of purposes. Crowns are used to protect teeth, cover imperfections, and to restore a dental implant. They are also fused with false teeth called “pontics” to form a dental bridge, a restoration used for replacing missing teeth. The dental crown procedure is relatively simple for Charleston dentist Dr. Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg, of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, offers dental crowns among other restorative services for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Crowns are made of porcelain with color specifications to match the patient’s existing teeth. These … Continue reading

What West Ashley patients can expect during dental crown cementation

What can expect during dental crown cementation

Dr. Andrew Greenberg may suggest dental crowns in many situations. Perhaps a patient is struggling with a tooth that was weakened by root canal therapy or a large filling applied after a cavity was discovered. Maybe a bridge is being placed and crowns need to be used to support the new restoration. In other instances, patients may also consider bonding a dental crown over their natural tooth to disguise imperfections such as breakage or permanent staining. No matter what the reason, this is a common restoration for patients in the West Ashley area at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. Crowns are … Continue reading

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Crowns Charleston

A dental crown is a fixed restoration, which encases the tooth in a strong, durable material, most often porcelain. It may be recommended for a broken, badly decayed, worn, or weakened tooth. The procedure is gentle and efficient, typically only requiring two appointments. The primary benefits of dental crowns include: Functional restoration – Teeth often lose height over time due to wear and tear. Additionally, damage or decay alters the size and shape. These changes can alter chewing patterns, and the way teeth fit together when your mouth is closed. Additionally, an undamaged, but misshapen, tooth may cause the same … Continue reading

West Ashley area patients ask about the benefits of dental crowns

Dental Crowns Benefits West Ashley

Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is a West Ashley area dentist who provides both general and cosmetic dentistry solutions. He works hard to provide patients of all ages the very best dentistry has to offer. Generations of families trust him as their dentist as a source of knowledge and experience. When it comes to repairing the natural teeth, many times he may advise patients on the benefits of dental crowns. Dental crowns, or “caps,” are often used in both general and aesthetic dentistry. These restorations are made of porcelain and are extremely strong. They are fabricated to … Continue reading

Dental Crown Charleston

Dental Crown Charleston

What happens if you don’t protect a weakened tooth with a dental crown? A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that covers a tooth to restore its shape and size, strengthen, and/or improve the appearance of the tooth. Dental crowns protect weakened teeth so that further damage is not caused and more serious problems do not occur. The tooth is covered with the dental crown so that it won’ t crack or break off. So if a weak tooth remains without a crown, it can crack or break off. Depending on the severity of the damage, the weaker the … Continue reading

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