What is the Process Involved in Placing a Dental Crown?

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When you want to protect a tooth from damage, you and your dentist may strongly consider the use of a dental crown. Dental crowns are restorations created with ceramic, porcelain or gold that fit over the top of your natural tooth and are cemented with special bonding materials. This prosthodontic dental procedure can typically be completed within two visits to the best dentist in West Ashley, Dr. Greenberg. The process of placing a dental crown is simple. First, your West Ashley dentist, Dr. Greenberg will consult with you regarding your dental concerns. Many times, crowns are needed for patients who … Continue reading

What happens during the placement of tooth crowns by a Charleston area dentist?

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Dental crowns, also referred to as “tooth crowns,” or “caps” are porcelain restorations that are custom-made for a dentist to place over weakened natural teeth to protect and strengthen them. Crowns can be used in a myriad of situations. Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA may suggest dental crowns for Charleston patients who need to protect the enamel of their natural teeth, or for those who are restoring dental implants. Patients who have had root canal therapy or who have had very large fillings placed may benefit from the placement of dental crowns, as well as those who have … Continue reading

Your dentist in Charleston, SC ensures your comfort

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Most people do not relish the thought of undergoing dental treatment. Our team understands this, and takes measures to provide the highest standard of dental care possible. Through our concentrated efforts, we hope that you will find us to be your ideal dental family, a practice in which you can feel comfortable and confident about your oral health. In building trusting relationships with our patients, we empower them to take control of their health through optimal hygiene practices, coupled with regular dental visits. Even with the extra steps we take to promote comfort, we understand that there are those who … Continue reading

Enjoy cosmetic dental services such as smile makeover treatment in Charleston

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There are formal and informal ways to define all sorts of cosmetic dental services in Charleston – smile makeover, however, isn’t as easy to define because the means and the ends are unique to each and every patient. Generally, most everyone can agree there are some key elements to an attractive smile, including: Even spacing between teeth White teeth Healthy, not-too-prominent gums Smooth, chip-free teeth Dr. Greenberg uses his artistic skills and dental mastery to align, whiten, reshape, and achieve a more proportional look between the teeth and gums with procedures like porcelain veneers, dental bonding, and take-home whitening. Should … Continue reading

Dentist creates stunning smiles for West Ashley patients

Your dentist near West Ashley has many ways to rebuild a damaged tooth. When decay or other damage can’t be properly treated with a filling, Dr. Greenberg may determine you are a good candidate for a dental crown. There are many different types of dental crowns. The doctor will preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, as long as that part of the tooth is healthy. This is an important feature, because natural structure is unparalleled even when compared to the highest-quality synthetic materials. Conservative approaches often result in the most attractive appearance and long-term durability. Mouth Carolina Dentistry, … Continue reading

Where patients near Charleston, SC can obtain affordable dental crowns

Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA are also focused on the appearance of the new restoration as well as how it restores the function and health of the smile.

It is common for a general and cosmetic dentist to have a number of dental solutions available in his or her practice. Dr. Andrew Greenberg near Charleston, SC is a dedicated dental professional who can help patients with a myriad of dental health concerns. Additionally, he can provide restorative and cosmetic care for specific situations that require an artistic, experienced eye. When patients need to replace a restoration, provide extra protection to a broken tooth, or find a way to restore a dental implant, dental crowns may be the way to go. Dental crowns are cosmetic restorations made of ceramic … Continue reading

Goose Creek, SC area Dentist describes how to care for Porcelain Crowns

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Dr. Andrew Greenberg of the Goose Creek, SC area provides his patients with a wide range of dental solutions including porcelain crowns. These particular restorations, also known as “dental caps,” are used often in both general and restorative dentistry. Dental crowns are made to cover up natural teeth for protection or strength. They are used because there are situations in which patients may be faced with weak teeth. Large areas of decay, infection, or breakage often cause patients to consider porcelain crowns for their smile. However, they are extremely common and patients should not be worried if they are told … Continue reading

Can Porcelain Crowns in Goose Creek, SC fail?

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In both general and cosmetic dentistry, porcelain crowns are used to offer natural teeth protection and strength. They may be fabricated and placed over a tooth when breakage, infection, or endodontic therapy occurs. Maintaining the dental crown with proper care and attention after placement is the best way to keep it in the smile as long as possible. Regardless, there is always a concern of a dental crown failing. Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA serves patients in and around the area of Goose Creek, SC and can provide individuals with strong, beautiful porcelain crowns when breakage, trauma, … Continue reading

Patients in the West Ashley, SC community ask, does the placement of Dental Crowns hurt?

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Dental crowns are restorations often used for West Ashley, SC area patients who are dealing with breakage or those who want to protect their natural tooth’s structure. Crowns are “caps” made of porcelain to cover up natural teeth that are weakened or which need protection. Dental crowns can also be used to restore dental implants and act as a natural tooth replacement option. Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA provides patients with crowns whenever it is considered necessary to maintain a natural tooth longer. Dental crowns are placed over a tooth, but this is done after a significant … Continue reading

Charleston area Dentist is restoring smiles with Dental Crowns

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Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA in Charleston loves helping his patients in restoring their smiles with a myriad of treatments in his state-of-the-art practice. He provides a number of restorative solutions to his patients including veneers, fillings, dental bridges, dentures, implant restoration, and dental crowns. One restoration commonly used in dentistry is that of dental crowns. Dental crowns are popular because they can be used in many different situations. Dental crowns are made of porcelain and are fabricated by a quality ceramist who ensures they match the existing teeth. These restorations are then returned to the dental … Continue reading

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