Live in the 29407 zip code and want a healthy smile? Listen to your experienced dentist

Listen to your experienced dentist

Enjoying a healthy, gorgeous smile is not all that difficult. A combination of focused, daily oral hygiene practices and regular dental examinations takes very little time compared to the benefits that are received. Your family dentist provides restorative care when needed, and aids in the prevention of cavities by giving demonstrations of oral hygiene techniques, and offering specialty treatments such as fluoride and dental sealants. Still, oral health, although monitored by the dentist, is largely determined by what we do on a daily basis. Various factors impact the health of teeth and gums. Perhaps most primarily are the foods and … Continue reading

Andrew Greenberg, DMD, promotes healthy smiles with dental implants

healthy smiles with dental implants

For many decades, the primary forms of tooth replacement have been dental bridges and dentures. Because of their longevity in the dental field, these two conventional forms of tooth replacement remain popular choices today. A few decades ago, however, a new and improved tooth replacement option became available. Today, dental implants are described as the only permanent tooth replacement available. Whether for the replacement of a single tooth or all teeth, dental implants are the ideal treatment for the ultimate restoration. Most people are good candidates for implants, which require healthy gum tissue and adequate bone density for long-lasting function. … Continue reading

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