Charleston area Dentist presents infant oral health concerns

Infant oral health concerns of children

When parents bring their children into the practice of Mouth Carolina dentistry for pediatric dental care, they often have concerns about their infant’s oral health. Charleston area patients visit Dr. Andrew Greenberg to have their questions answered and allow their children to enjoy positive interactions with a dental professional who will be guiding them through their oral health care journey. Building a bond with a family dentist is key to maintaining positive dental care over the years.

Parents come to Dr. Andrew Greenberg with many concerns. These may include:


Teething in the process during which children receive their primary teeth. This occurs between the ages of six months to a year, and finishes around the age of three. During this time, children may be in pain and very uncomfortable due to swelling and tenderness of the gums as the teeth break through. Parents can learn about the many ways to ease discomfort during this time.

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Some parents are concerned about the alignment of the primary teeth, as well as the order in which they develop. Most alignment concerns are not problematic until the permanent adult teeth come in, during which children should be evaluated for the need for orthodontic work, especially if the bite is not properly aligned. While most children follow a certain order when it comes to the development of primary teeth, this is not a hard fast rule and individuals may differ.

Care of Primary Teeth

The primary teeth are very important. They allow children to speak properly, eat solid foods, and they act as placeholders for adult teeth. Taking care of these teeth is equally important regardless of the fact they are temporary. Parents should speak to Dr. Andrew Greenberg about the ways of caring for the teeth and gums to ensure children do not experience problems such as dental caries. Taking care of the teeth early sets the foundation for a lifetime of proper oral health care.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry is excited to offer quality dental care for patients of all ages in and around the Charleston area.

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