Where kids can receive emergency dental care in the Charleston area

Parents need to have a dentist on their side that they can trust with not only themselves but with their children. Our practice in Charleston offers emergency dental care for both kids and adults. We understand that the unexpected can happen any time and welcome patients to our facility for assistance.

Kids can receive emergency dental care in the charleston area

Kids can experience some of the same dental emergencies as adults. They may knock out a tooth during soccer or might experience breakage due to chewing on a hard object. They may have a toothache caused by an abscess or a deep area of decay. Our practice is here to help when the unexpected occurs, and we invite parents to contact our facility when their children are experiencing a dental emergency. Pediatric dental care doesn’t have to be done by a specialist. Our team is highly qualified to help children with their dental needs.

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Dr. Andrew Greenberg and the team of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA can help guide parents through what to do when a problem arises. Parents will call our practice and talk to one of our staff members about the situation so that we can assess the best way to approach treatment. In some cases, we may give parents some tips as to what to do while we schedule them for a same-day dental appointment. Other times, we may prescribe medication until we can see them. Depending on the situation, we may even recommend parents take their children to the emergency room instead of our dental facility, especially if there is bleeding that won’t stop or harm to other parts of the body that should be checked by physician.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg leaves time between his appointments during the day to accommodate the occasional dental emergency and he welcomes emergency patients to his practice even if they have not been there before. He builds trust with both parents and children and encourages families to take charge of their dental health and wellness with regular dental visits to help avoid problems such as large areas of decay or other preventable issues.

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Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA - Dr. Andrew Greenberg

Dr. Andrew Greenberg completed his Bachelor’s Degree in New Orleans, Louisiana at Tulane University. He graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 2009, where he portrayed excellent academic performance. He exercises his academic brilliance to the benefit of his patients every day. He grew up in a family with a dental background and showed interest in the field since his early days.

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