How Migraines and Headaches Can Be Addressed By Your Dentist

It’s not uncommon for us to experience headaches. However, if you are constantly experiencing recurring headaches, or are suffering from migraines, the issue may actually stem from your mouth!

recurring headaches, or are suffering from migraines

Dentists are trained and experienced with diagnosing patients with TMJ disorder, which can cause patients to suffer from headaches and migraines that have no other seemingly possible explanation. Migraines and headaches are two common indications that a patient may be dealing with a TMJ disorder.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder is a problem that stems from a joint in the jaw. This joint can lock up or can pop out of place, causing pain and discomfort around the mouth, jaw, neck, and cheek area. This pain can radiate and cause an individual to experience issues such as migraines and headaches, in addition to being limited as to how far they can open their mouth, experiencing joint clicking in the jaw, and suffer from face, neck, jaw, and ear pain. When you have TMJ disorder, the muscles are overworked keeping the jaw stable. When the muscles become fatigued, it results in a headache. When the jaw muscles still don’t get any rest, the headache can evolve into a migraine.

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Dentists are able to address most cases of TMJ disorder and help relieve the symptoms by providing custom-fabricated oral appliances. These appliances are worn in the mouth and can help reduce the amount of tension caused by the joint. They can also help realign the jaw in order to ease any misalignments that may be causing pain and discomfort for the patient.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Charleston SC’s Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA can help patients find relief for their TMJ disorder, and provides appliances to help alleviate the discomfort they may be experiencing in conjunction with this troublesome oral disorder. Call Mouth Carolina today to schedule an examination by Dr. Andrew Greenberg and find out if TMJ is the source of your migraines and headaches. You may finally be able to free yourself of the problems of TMJ disorder and get the relief you want and deserve!

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