Benefits of practicing good oral hygiene with a West Ashley area dentist

Approximately 80 percent of men and women in the United States suffer from some form of periodontal disease. This is a shocking statistic for anyone to hear. Periodontal disease is a serious problem that needs to be treated by a skilled dentist, and is totally preventable with good oral hygiene. Patients in the West Ashley metropolitan area can visit Dr. Greenberg, of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, to seek assistance for the treatment and prevention of gum disease.

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The primary benefit of practicing good oral hygiene is avoiding the development of periodontal disease. This disease can cause irreversible damage to oral structures. It can result in the loss of bone, gum tissue, and natural teeth. The devastation it can cause to a patient’s smile can have a negative effect on the health and appearance of his or her teeth, and may be expensive to restore with cosmetic dentistry.

Good oral hygiene can improve a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. Studies have consistently shown that the development of periodontal disease can result in an increased risk for other medical conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. When patients do not take appropriate care of their teeth, oral disease can develop and the bacteria in their mouth can carry into their bloodstream and affect other parts of the body. Maintaining good oral health is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth-and body!

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Good oral hygiene reduces or eliminates bad breath. Bad breath is often caused by trapped food particles between the teeth and bacteria that may not have been brushed off or flossed out. This can result in bad breath, and can be embarrassing in social situations. Maintaining good oral health can eliminate halitosis for patients who struggle with this on a daily basis.

Dr. Greenberg and the staff at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA want to ensure that patients have healthy, beautiful smiles for life. By educating patients on how to care for their smile with daily oral hygiene regimens, patients can effectively improve the health of their teeth, gums, and bone and avoid the development of periodontal disease altogether.

Are you a patient who wants to learn more about the benefits of good oral hygiene and receive guidance on how to care for your teeth every day? Dr. Greenberg is happy to share with his patients the ways one can protect their smile and avoid the development and progression of periodontal disease. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment with the team at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA.

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