When to plan your child’s first dental visit in Charleston, SC and what to expect

Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Charleston area

Many adults are aware that they should see the dentist every six months for preventive care and a professional cleaning, but as a parent, you may be wondering about what age you should take your child to the dentist for the first time and what a dentist actually does for a baby’s or young child’s gums and teeth. Dr. Andrew Greenberg in Charleston, SC provides dental care for even the youngest of patients and the Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA office provides a warm, comforting environment for your child’s first dental visit. Importance of early dental care Even though your child’s … Continue reading

Where kids can receive emergency dental care in the Charleston area

Kids can receive emergency dental care in the charleston area

Parents need to have a dentist on their side that they can trust with not only themselves but with their children. Our practice in Charleston offers emergency dental care for both kids and adults. We understand that the unexpected can happen any time and welcome patients to our facility for assistance. Kids can experience some of the same dental emergencies as adults. They may knock out a tooth during soccer or might experience breakage due to chewing on a hard object. They may have a toothache caused by an abscess or a deep area of decay. Our practice is here … Continue reading

Treating teething pain in Charleston

Treating teething pain in charleston

When children start to get their first teeth, they may experience the difficulties associated with teething. During the process of teething, the primary teeth are breaking through the gum line. This may be a painful experience for children, but a necessary one. The primary teeth are essential for speaking clearly, enjoying solid foods, and having a beautiful smile. During this time, many children are fussy and cranky. This is expected because their gums may be tender. Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA in Charleston is committed to helping parents in treating teething pain to make the entire process … Continue reading

Charleston Dentist describes the care of your child’s teeth and gums

The care of your child’s teeth and gums

If you are a parent to an infant, you are well aware when your child begins to develop teeth. This typically occurs in the first year of life. Many patients in the Charleston area visit Dr. Andrew Greenberg to ask questions about the care of their child’s teeth and gums. This is an important part of a child’s life, and with early intervention and education, parents can instill the importance of a lifetime of dental care. There are many ways to take care of your child’s teeth and gums. Charleston area patients can bring their child for their first dental … Continue reading

Charleston area Dentist answers, why are primary teeth so important?

Why are primary teeth so important

A lifetime of good oral health starts with the primary teeth. The primary teeth typically begin erupting through the gum line during the first year of life. By the age of three, most children have all 20 of their primary teeth. These teeth will eventually fall out over time and they will be replaced with a set of adult teeth. Because of this, many parents ask, why are primary teeth so important? Primary teeth are important for several reasons. First, they help children speak clearly. Many sounds are made using the teeth, and without them, children may be difficult to … Continue reading

Charleston area Dentist presents infant oral health concerns

Infant oral health concerns of children

When parents bring their children into the practice of Mouth Carolina dentistry for pediatric dental care, they often have concerns about their infant’s oral health. Charleston area patients visit Dr. Andrew Greenberg to have their questions answered and allow their children to enjoy positive interactions with a dental professional who will be guiding them through their oral health care journey. Building a bond with a family dentist is key to maintaining positive dental care over the years. Parents come to Dr. Andrew Greenberg with many concerns. These may include: Teething Teething in the process during which children receive their primary … Continue reading

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