Signs that You Need to See a Root Canal Specialist in Charleston

Sometimes a severe toothache can make you think that it you require a root canal. But, not every tooth pain is indicative of a root canal, and you might be having a different type of oral health issue. Only a dentist can determine whether you need a root canal treatment. However, some common signs should tell you that you need to see a root canal specialist in Charleston to diagnose and treat your dental problem before it worsens.

A root canal specialist in Charleston can try to preserve most of your tooth structure, and restore your oral health in a conservative manner.

The tooth core holds the dental pulp below the protective enamel and dentin. The pulp extends through the root canals, and it can get infected or damaged if exposed to harmful bacteria or in the event of a tooth injury. If timely treatment is not obtained, the bacteria can create severe infection by destroying the dental pulp, and eventually leading to the loss of the tooth.

Signs that You Might Need a Root Canal

  1. A hole, crack, or chip in your tooth
  2. A significant toothache while chewing or acute pain when you apply pressure on the tooth
  3. Swelling or tenderness of the gum area around the tooth
  4. Swelling on face or neck
  5. A lesion or an abscess on the gum area around the tooth, which looks like a blister or pimple
  6. Extreme sensitivity or prolonged pain while consuming cold or hot food or drink that persists even when contact with the cold or hot substance has been removed
  7. Discoloration or darkening of the tooth
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Signs that a Dentist May Notice

Sometimes only the dentist will be able to find a condition in your teeth that indicates that a root canal treatment may be necessary. These signs include:

  • Problems detected through x-ray: X-ray imaging tests can reveal infection in the form of dark spots located near the tip of the tooth roots.
  • Gum pimples: Gum lesions that look like pimples may be caused due to tooth infection. These lesions can serve as a drain for pus formation, and may require treatment from a root canal specialist in Charleston.
  • Darkening of a tooth: If your tooth goes through an inexplicable color change, and appears darker than the surrounding healthy teeth, it could be an indicator of problems in the tooth nerve requiring root canal treatment.
  • Nerves exposed in the tooth: Exposed nerves can occur if dental work such as a crown or filling is lost. These exposed nerves can cause severe pain when they come in contact with cold or hot substances or even air.

Signs that You May Not Need a Root Canal

While it is important to identify the signs and symptoms if you need a root canal, it is equally important to identify signs that might indicate different dental problems and may require different dental treatments. Accurate diagnosis is vital to receiving the appropriate treatment and restoring your oral health.

Some of the key signs that you need other dental treatments may include:

Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is a root canal specialist in Charleston

  • You experience some degree of toothache when you drink or eat something that is cold or hot, but the pain does not persist for too long. In this case, the problem may not indicate the need for a root canal. If you recently underwent a dental procedure, such as a dental crown or a tooth filling, you might go through this type of pain in the tooth. But if this pain continues beyond a few weeks, or worsens, you might be a candidate for root canal therapy.
  • The pain in the tooth occurs when you eat something sugar and sweet, but it quickly gets resolved. If the pain is transient, you might actually be having a cavity, a loose or broken filling, or even gum recession that could be exposing your tooth root.
  • There is swelling in the gums around a tooth and the tooth is sensitive to touch. If this pain resolves when you brush your teeth, you might be having a periodontal abscess. Your dentist may perform some tests or take an x-ray to determine the problem.

A root canal specialist in Charleston can try to preserve most of your tooth structure, and restore your oral health in a conservative manner.


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