Residents in Charleston avoid extractions and save teeth with root canal treatment

Preventive care is a cornerstone of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. In partnership with you, the dental team will address bacteria and decay before it results in an infection requiring root canal treatment. The practice’s foundation is built on restoring your mouth to health before an extraction or tooth replacement is the only option to get out of pain and get back to your life.

Save your teeth with root canal treatment

In a case when the center of your tooth is infected, root canal treatment prevents serious complications, including:

  • Progressive swelling and damage to tissues at the tip of the tooth
  • Painful facial swelling from a pus-filled pocket that forms in the tooth and spreads to surrounding tissue
  • Sinusitis or an infection of the cavities inside the skull
  • Bone infection or osteomyelitis
  • Abscesses can cause life-threatening conditions such as cavernous sinus thrombosis in which a blood clot forms in response to the spreading infection, and Ludwig’s angina in which infected mouth tissues block the airway, making it difficult to breathe
  • Tooth loss

Extraction of the tooth is a last resort. If the tooth is badly broken or an abscess returns, root canal treatment in Charleston may not be recommend. It’s always best to see Dr. Greenberg and his experienced team before swelling and pain becomes worse.

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This procedure addresses infections from decay, worn fillings, and other trauma. The doctor may save your tooth with this therapy by cleaning out the tissue and bacteria in the root canal system where the infected pulp or soft tissues resides; filling the root canal; and then sealing the tooth, generally, with a filling. A crown may be placed over the tooth for strength and protection.
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In a reported 90 percent of cases, a tooth can survive up to a decade after treatment. While it may be the only way to save a natural tooth, myths associated with the procedure still loom. Your mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic, so the treatment is no more uncomfortable than a common filling. Contrary to what you may have read or heard from others, root canals don’t cause illness or disease in other parts of the body. This belief stems from outdated research results from long ago. The sad irony is the American Association of Endodontists reports that through the years while this myth flourished many people had their teeth pulled when they could have saved them with a simple treatment.

Root canals are designed to remove bacteria, prevent reinfection, and save the tooth. Saving the tooth is always preferred to extraction, because teeth help to support facial structure and appearance, and allow the ability to chew food and pronounce words properly.

By seeking root canal treatment in the Charleston area, you also avoid costly and complex procedures to replace teeth, such as dental implant-supported crowns and dentures. Call (843)751 4262 to schedule an appointment at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. Don’t delay getting the treatment you need to look and feel better.

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