Relieve Toothaches with Emergency Root Canal Therapy

Emergency Toothache Relief in Charleston SC Area

When the centermost part of your tooth (the pulp chamber) —containing sensitive nerves is infected — you may experience excruciating tooth pain. In the past, such dental cases would be resolved with tooth removal, but a root canal from Mouth Carolina Dentistry in Charleston, South Carolina, can save your infected/abscessed tooth. Using a root canal (endodontic treatment), Dr. Andrew Greenberg removes the diseased dental pulp and restores your tooth to relieve pain!  Why you may need an emergency root canal  Poor oral hygiene leaves food debris in the mouth, serving as nourishment for harmful bacteria. When harmful bacteria feed on … Continue reading

Dentist in Charleston describes the situations when patients may require root canal therapy

Dentist in Charleston Area Describes the Situations When Patients May Require Root Canal Therapy

There are times when a dentist may recommend a patient have a root canal performed. Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Charleston, SC is a professional who can offer this treatment in his practice alongside other restorative solutions. At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, we are committed to educating patients on procedures that can improve their dental health and wellness such as the root canal procedure. What is a root canal? Root canal therapy, called endodontic therapy by dentists, is a procedure used to save a tooth from extraction. This procedure removes the dental pulp from inside of a tooth, which is a collection … Continue reading

Ease pain, enhance your smile quickly with exceptional endodontic services in Charleston SC

Endodontic Services in Charleston SC area

You don’t have to see a specialist to benefit from exceptional endodontic services in Charleston SC from the dentist you’ve come to know and trust: Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. From diagnosing the true nature of your symptoms, to restoring the tooth with a beautiful crown, Dr. Greenberg combines his advanced knowledge of dental science and technologies with his natural artistic talent to help you keep your tooth! In fact, endodontic services or root canal treatment, may be the only way to save an infected or otherwise badly damaged tooth, and to avoid costly, time-consuming and devastating … Continue reading

Root canals – common myths and facts in Charleston, SC

Root Canal Common Myths and Facts in Charleston area

Many of us dread that moment when we hear that the only available option to save a decayed tooth is to receive a root canal. A root canal is associated, wrongly, with images of large drills, pain, and discomfort. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and his team at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA realize the anxiety that can manifest when a root canal is the prescribed action and works with his patients in making sure they know truth from fiction regarding this procedure. The truth about root canals Let’s first look at some misconceptions and half-truths that many believe to be factual about … Continue reading

Signs that You Need to See a Root Canal Specialist in Charleston

A root canal specialist in Charleston can try to preserve most of your tooth structure, and restore your oral health in a conservative manner.

Sometimes a severe toothache can make you think that it you require a root canal. But, not every tooth pain is indicative of a root canal, and you might be having a different type of oral health issue. Only a dentist can determine whether you need a root canal treatment. However, some common signs should tell you that you need to see a root canal specialist in Charleston to diagnose and treat your dental problem before it worsens. The tooth core holds the dental pulp below the protective enamel and dentin. The pulp extends through the root canals, and it … Continue reading

Charleston, SC patients with an infection in their tooth can receive a professional dental filling and root canal

Time to brush and floss, Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA

Most adults don’t think about their teeth unless it’s time to brush and floss or visit the dentist. However, if you have a toothache, it’s likely that you can’t think about anything but your teeth. Most oral health issues, such as cavities or gum disease don’t cause discomfort until they become advanced. When a person wakes up with a throbbing tooth, it can be a sign of infection in the tooth and it is time to call a professional. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and his team at Mouth Carolina dentistry provide professional dental services such as fillings, crowns, and root canals. … Continue reading

Dentist in Charleston explains when root canal therapy is best to save your tooth

Root Canal Procedure Charleston Image

Preventing damage to the teeth and gums and maintaining good oral health is an ongoing journey. However, many common procedures such as fillings and crowns are restorative by nature. Fillings are designed to repair damage caused by a cavity in the tooth. The filling material is anchored to surrounding, healthy tooth structure. Yet, decay or damage can’t always be repaired with a simple filling. Damage may be such that the tooth would fall apart without a crown, which caps the tooth so it doesn’t have to rely on natural tooth for support. A crown can also restore the appearance and … Continue reading

Residents in Charleston avoid extractions and save teeth with root canal treatment

Save your teeth with root canal treatment

Preventive care is a cornerstone of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. In partnership with you, the dental team will address bacteria and decay before it results in an infection requiring root canal treatment. The practice’s foundation is built on restoring your mouth to health before an extraction or tooth replacement is the only option to get out of pain and get back to your life. In a case when the center of your tooth is infected, root canal treatment prevents serious complications, including: Progressive swelling and damage to tissues at the tip of the tooth Painful facial swelling from a pus-filled … Continue reading

Thorough consultation determines if root canal therapy is best for long-term health

Root canal therapy is best for long-term health

While today’s dental patients can benefit from the most advanced technologies and techniques to replace a missing tooth, there is nothing quite like a natural tooth. For instance, a natural tooth is attached to the bone by a living periodontal ligament. This feature allows a tooth treated with root canal therapy to survive, even when it no longer has the inner pulp that was vital for the tooth’s development. Plus, the periodontal ligament acts as a shock absorber for the tooth. Since nerve endings are abundant within this structure, the periodontal ligament also serves a vital sensory function. It lets … Continue reading

How does the dental pulp become infected, and what can be done, besides a root canal, to deal with the problem?

Dental Pulp infected problem image

The dental pulp inside of a tooth can be damaged in many ways, including trauma, cavities, or wear over time. Whenever the tooth structure is affected, it keeps it from adequately protecting the dental pulp and therefore causing it to become infected or damaged. The most common reason why the dental pulp becomes infected is due to an untreated cavity. Bacteria is in everyone’s mouth—in fact, it is completely normal and necessary. However, sometimes this bacteria may result in the formation of acid which can eat through enamel and dentin of a tooth if not removed with brushing and flossing. … Continue reading

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