Brighten Your Smile and Brighten Your Life with Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Smiling can brighten your life and the lives of those around you by making others feel welcomed and comfortable in your presence. If yellow, stained, or dull teeth keep your smile hidden, it’s time to brighten that smile with professional tooth whitening. At Mouth Carolina Dentistry in Charleston, South Carolina, our professional teeth bleaching services will rid your teeth of unsightly stains and discolorations and make them shine. Brightening your smile is the first step to enjoying a happier and brighter life.

Teeth Bleaching Services in Charleston SC Area

The Teeth Bleaching Process

The at-home customized dental tray system is one of the most effective methods of professionally whitening your teeth. Dr. Andrew Greenberg will take impressions of your teeth to have whitening trays custom-fitted for your use. We’ll instruct you on how to use your trays safely and effectively for optimal whitening results. We’ll also provide you with professional-grade bleaching agents for yellow teeth cleaning and eliminating deep-rooted stains and discolorations on your teeth. Our at-home whitening system is safe, quick, and thorough, giving you noticeable whitening results within several weeks. Dr. Greenberg will outline a treatment plan conducive to your dental needs.

Brighter Smile, Brighter Life

A whiter, brighter smile can positively impact your personal, social, and professional life, giving you a brighter outlook for the future. You’ll have more incentive to smile as you won’t feel intimidated or embarrassed about your teeth. The more you smile, the brighter your life will be. Improving your smile will:

  • make you feel happier about your appearance
  • encourage you to socialize more with family and friends
  • give you the confidence to advance in your professional career
  • eliminate any feelings of inferiority or humiliation about your teeth
  • help you be all that you can be
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Teeth Bleaching Services Near Me

A brighter smile and higher quality of life are well within your reach with professional teeth whitening from Mouth Carolina Dentistry. To schedule a consultation for teeth bleaching services, contact Dr. Andrew Greenberg in Charleston, South Carolina, at (843)751 4262. We look forward to meeting your dental care needs.

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Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA - Dr. Andrew Greenberg

Dr. Andrew Greenberg completed his Bachelor’s Degree in New Orleans, Louisiana at Tulane University. He graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 2009, where he portrayed excellent academic performance. He exercises his academic brilliance to the benefit of his patients every day. He grew up in a family with a dental background and showed interest in the field since his early days.

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