3 Imperfections that Crowns Can Correct

Crowns are a versatile tool that can be used to correct a variety of imperfections. They are designed to look exactly like your other teeth and can be used to repair, protect, or replace ones that may be lost if they are not treated immediately. Your dentist in Charleston, South Carolina can use crowns in different ways to restore your teeth and help you regain your smile.

3 Imperfections Can Addressed with Teeth Crowns Service in Charleston SC Area


Crowns are used to protect teeth from further damage. Certain medications can cause teeth to deteriorate and be more vulnerable to decay on many levels. By placing a crown over a tooth that has been repaired, your dentist is protecting your tooth and preventing any future damage from occurring. Crowns are the final touches placed over a root canal, for example. Once the tooth has been repaired, adding a crown covers the tooth, ensuring that it has an opportunity to heal.


Gaps between teeth occur naturally or can sometimes be the result of damage to one or more teeth. Crowns can be used to close gaps and fill in spaces. Empty spaces can cause surrounding teeth to shift. As teeth move out of their original position, it throws off your alignment. When your bite does not line up correctly, it can place pressure on your TMJ joints causing intense pain and discomfort. Teeth crowns are designed to be the same color as other teeth that surround them. This makes it difficult for others to notice the difference.

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Damaged Teeth

Teeth that are damaged due to decay or that have deteriorated over time can be repaired using crowns. Crowns are made of a strong porcelain or composite that seals the tooth completely. Not only does the crown repair the tooth, but it also protects it from being damaged any further. Certain illnesses and medications are often the cause of advanced tooth decay. Crowns can help restore your smile and improve your dental health.

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