How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening treatments are always best performed with a trained dentist.

Teeth whitening gels are used to enhance the brightness and whiteness of your smile. These gels typically consist of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Stains can make teeth appear dull. Teeth whitening gels break these stains, making the teeth lighter and much brighter. A chemical process known as oxidation is the hallmark feature for teeth whitening. Oxidation is the transfer of electrons from one substance or compound to another. The enamel on the teeth contains rods which act as passages into the underlying dentin of which the peroxide or bleach oxidize stains and accumulations. This organic chemical process results in … Continue reading

How long does it take before color change is perceptible?

How Long Does It Take Before Color Change Is Perceptible?

Tooth whitening treatments are known to last anywhere between one and three years. The results of the treatment depends greatly on your at-home compliance, dental hygiene, life-style patterns, diet, and the type of tooth whitening treatment used. Your dentist will usually advise you on the duration that your new whiteness will last based on the methods of treatment you have used. However, maintaining good oral habits and being cautious about your intake of certain food and drinks will actually keep your teeth whiter for longer. Drinking red wine, tea, coffee, consuming foods high in sugar, drinks and soda, or smoking … Continue reading

Why Would I Need My Teeth Whitened?

With today’s chair-side teeth whitening procedures, patients can experience a whiter, brighter smile in as little as an hour, done by an experienced Charleston dentist such as Dr. Andrew Greenberg.

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures you might undergo, teeth whitening is one of the most affordable, as well as one of the fastest, ways to improve the look of your smile. Teeth whitening is an immediately gratifying experience. In as little as an one-hour appointment at the dentist, you can achieve a dramatically brighter look that will boost your self-confidence and leave you smiling. In-office teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic technique, using a prescription grade bleaching agent available only from a professional dentist. The process is painless, and safe for nearly every patient. Many of us have dental … Continue reading

The difference between before and after teeth whitening is astonishing

The Difference Between Before And After Teeth Whitening Is Astonishing

For many people, smile envy is a very real thing. People with attractive smiles are seen in a positive light. They seem to have more influence and ability to attract others. Why? Because humans are innately drawn to beauty. A bright smile with attractive teeth gives the impression of friendliness and health, honesty and sincerity, and more. If you want to send all the right messages, you can do so simply by flashing a brilliant smile. You can experience your own dramatic Before and After with professional teeth whitening! Due to the overwhelming selection of over the counter teeth whitening … Continue reading

Charleston dentist’s procedures bleach teeth when many products fail to live up to their claims

Charleston Dentist’s Procedures Bleach Teeth When Many Products Fail To Live Up To Their Claims

A search for “teeth whitening” returns more than 17 million results. The desire to remove stains is undeniable. A tiny sampling of commercial products includes strips, pastes, pens, and mouthwashes, while bloggers extol “natural” whiteners like lemons, oil pulling, and activated charcoal. Dr. Andrew Greenberg assesses all procedures to bleach teeth at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA in Charleston, so you know they work and won’t cause damage to your teeth and mouth. Professional home whitening outshines the rest Many products don’t contain proven ingredients or they’re present in such low concentrations that you may not see a noticeable difference. Take-home … Continue reading

SC dental services result in stunning smiles

SC Dental Services Result In Stunning Smiles

Aside from preventive dental services in SC, some of the most popular procedures available at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA in Charleston change the color of your teeth or alter color and cover other conditions, like chips. Dr. Greenberg may recommend these procedures after examining your teeth and gums and speaking with you about your preferences. Whatever the recommendations, be it whitening at home, bonding, or veneers, you can trust that treatment will be customized to your needs and wants and will be worth your time and money. Due to the doctor’s use of effective and safe products and techniques, the … Continue reading

Patients in Charleston SC see whiter teeth courtesy of take-home whitening trays

Patients In Charleston SC See Whiter Teeth Courtesy Of Take-Home Whitening Trays

Whiter teeth are on many patient’s wish lists, and most smile makeovers would not be complete without a whitening treatment. While you’re fortunate to have so many different ways to achieve whiter teeth, not all of these methods are effective or safe. If you seek whiter teeth in Charleston SC at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, rest assured your teeth are becoming brighter without risks to hard and soft tissues. So many options If you’re new to the whitening world, the first treatment that comes to mind probably sits on a shelf at your local drugstore. There are numerous whitening toothpastes, … Continue reading

Dentist in Charleston describes convenience, safety of take-home whitening trays

Dentist In Charleston Describes Convenience, Safety Of Take-Home Whitening Trays

When you think of a pretty smile, the first characteristic that probably comes to mind is the color of the teeth that make up that flawless smile. You have a wide array of options to brighten a dingy smile. You may have seen over the counter toothpastes or even whitening kiosks at the mall. These options may seem affordable or convenient on their face, but take a deeper look and you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Commercial products that claim to whiten your teeth might not have sufficient amounts of active bleaching ingredients to make a difference in … Continue reading

Who is an appropriate candidate for professional teeth whitening near Charleston?

Who Is An Appropriate Candidate For Professional Teeth Whitening Near Charleston?

Patients near Charleston, South Carolina are often working with their dentist to learn about ways to improve the health and beauty of their smiles. Some patients may be told that teeth whitening would be a beneficial method of rejuvenating the appearance of their natural teeth. However, when patients use over-the-counter whitening strips and trays, they are often disappointed in the results. Dr. Andrew Greenberg and the team of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA may suggest professional-grade products available in their practice for optimal results. At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, we provide take-home teeth whitening trays. Unlike the ones available in the … Continue reading

What are the teeth whitening options available to patients in and around the West Ashley SC area?

The Teeth Whitening Options Available To Patients In And Around The West Ashley SC Area

Dr. Andrew Greenberg and the team of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA provide many cosmetic treatments and procedures which allow patients to look and feel their best. A smile can be a wonderful first impression or a negative, poor one. By taking care of the health of the smile as well as addressing aesthetic concerns, patients can keep their smile looking great and increase their overall confidence around others’ smiling more and laughing more! Dr. Andrew Greenberg often suggest teeth whitening options to patients in the West Ashley, SC area who are looking for a fast, affordable way of rejuvenating their … Continue reading

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