What are the alternatives to types of dental bridges in Charleston?

Missing teeth can be troublesome for patients. Some find that it greatly affects their appearance, as well as their self-confidence. Others find that it can cause them to have lesser chewing efficiency, and can make it difficult to speak properly. Others find that the space allows their existing teeth to shift out of place, causing gaps and spaces throughout their smile. Cosmetic treatments such as dental bridges can help. While porcelain bridges are the only types of dental bridges in Charleston, they are an affordable, effective way to address missing natural teeth.

Alternatives to types of dental bridges

Teeth may go missing in a patient’s smile for a number of reasons. Trauma may have occurred that resulted in a knocked out tooth. A root canal may have failed, resulting in an extracted tooth. Disease and age can also contribute to the loss of natural teeth. Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA understands how missing teeth can affect the beauty and functionality of the smile, and offers a few ways for his patients to restore their teeth.

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Dental bridges are a very common restoration that is affordable and easy to place. A dental bridge is made with two crowns fused to a pontic, or false tooth. If more than one tooth is missing, there may be several pontics in-between the crowns. This restoration is made from porcelain, and is created to match the patient’s existing teeth as close as possible to look completely natural when placed. The crowns are bonded to the adjacent teeth, and the false teeth rest in their proper place. Dental bridges can last several years with proper maintenance and good home health care, and can be effective for restoring chewing and speaking efficiency that is needed in today’s society.

Another alternative offered at Dr. Greenberg’s office is partial dentures. Partial dentures are a type of denture that replaces just one or several teeth within a dental arch. Some patients may consider this affordable, temporary, and removable alternative rather than a dental bridge. Constructed in the same way as a retainer, partial dentures fit snugly in place in the dental arch with metal and quality plastics, and uses false teeth to replace the missing natural teeth. These can be removed and cleaned regularly to extend their lifespan and improve a patient’s oral health.

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