West Ashley area dentist explains simple tooth extraction

When a tooth has experienced breakage or decay, it is important for a dentist such as Dr. Andrew Greenberg of the West Ashley area to attempt to fix it. This may be done with dental bonding, filling, or by placing a dental crown over the top for protection. However, there are times in which a tooth has experienced far too much damage to be repaired. In cases such as this, dentists may suggest patients have the tooth removed through a simple extraction. Extraction is done when there is no other way to save a tooth, or in other situations which may occur, including:

West Ashley Dentist Simple Extraction: West Ashley patients can get decayed teeth extracted under the careful care of Dr Greenberg at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA
  • Removing permanent teeth to reduce overcrowding and prepare for orthodontic treatment
  • Primary teeth do not fall out before permanent adult teeth erupt through the gum line
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted, infection, or affected by cyst
  • Medical purposes, such as the need for radiation in the area or cancer drugs that may have affected the natural teeth

A simple extraction starts with x-rays to determine whether removal should be done. This also helps the dentist plan out the best way to remove the natural tooth. It can also reveal any infections or cavities that may be in teeth in the surrounding area that may need attention. Patients may be given antibiotics if there is a sign of infection before their treatment or if other medical conditions require patients to take these medications.

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Patients are put under proper sedation for the procedure to ensure comfort and relaxation. The tooth is removed using instruments such as an elevator and forceps to remove a visible tooth. In other situations, such as surgical extractions, patients may need to visit an oral surgeon to have this completed. Dr. Andrew Greenberg can provide referrals for patients who may need to have complex extractions done.

After patients have had their tooth extracted, they will be given specific after-care instructions to follow at home. In order to avoid infection or any other complications, patients should follow these instructions closely and contact Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA if they have any concerns regarding healing and recovery.

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