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Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas with a mildly sweet scent and taste. You may hear it referred to as “sweet air” or “laughing gas”. It is a natural part of the earth’s atmosphere, produced by bacteria in the soil. It has been created synthetically since 1772, and became a part of dentistry in 1844. We use it at Mouth Carolina Dentistry for its sedative properties.

Dental anxiety – a wide range of fears associated with the sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office, anticipation of pain, control and closeness issues – prevents many people from seeking the maintenance and treatment they need. Unfortunately, this leads to even more serious oral problems as their mouths are neglected. Inhalation sedation dentistry puts those anxieties to rest.

No intravenous needles are required. Once you are settled in the dental chair, we place a comfortable inhaler mask over your nose. We begin to administer a precise dose of nitrous oxide combined with oxygen. It will smell slightly sweet, and you may taste it as you continue to breathe normally through your nose. In a few moments you will begin to feel euphoric, a relaxed sense of well-being, but you remain conscious. Our staff carefully monitors the delivery of the gas and your condition throughout the procedure. A vacuum hose removes waste gas as you exhale, so that the doctor and staff remain alert!

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We at Mouth Carolina Dentistry will use nitrous oxide level to bring you to a safe customized level of sedation that will keep you calm during your dental work, allows you to communicate with the staff, and permits the doctor to complete your procedures quickly and stress-free.

Not only will you feel relaxed, the analgesic properties of nitrous oxide depress pain sensations, thus ensuring your comfort during the treatment. However, your body eliminates it within about five minutes after the flow is stopped. You come out of it quickly with no residual effects, so you are alert and able to drive or return to your normal activities.

Residents of the Charlotte and West Ashley area need no longer fear a trip to the dentist. Call Mouth Carolina Dentistry to find out more about stress-free dentistry with nitrous oxide.

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