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No one wants bad breath, but some of us may suffer from it and don’t know why. While eating garlic or smoking are obvious contributors to bad breath, some of us may have bad breath for no clear apparent reason. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be addressed with good dental and oral care. Patients who have chronic bad breath may be able to use medical-grade rinses and mouthwashes in order to address persistent problems.

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Most cases of bad breath stem from food particles and bacteria in the mouth. The easiest way to address bad breath such as this is to make sure that you brush and floss after every meal. By removing the plaque and food that gets stuck in your teeth between meals, you can ensure that bad breath is reduced or eliminated. Mouthwashes and oral rinses can also be used to help eliminate and reduce bad breath that may be out of your control, and stronger, prescription-strength rinses can be offered by Charleston, SC dentist Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA for those who need a little help in tackling their halitosis.

Bad breath can also be caused by dry mouth. Saliva helps rinse away bacteria and food particles, so when a patient suffers from dry mouth, bad breath usually follows. By increasing the saliva, patients may be able to reduce the bad breath that accompanies dry mouth. Chewing sugarless gum is a great way to get saliva flowing and doing its job.

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Patients who come to Dr. Greenberg with complaints of bad breath need not be embarrassed to talk about it. Getting the information and help you need to control your breath’s odor can be completely life-changing. Those who have trouble with halitosis may find themselves smiling and socializing less often, due to their embarrassment and self-consciousness.

It’s time to find that self-confidence again and take control of persistent and chronic bad breath. Start by visiting Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA today to learn the various ways you can take care of halitosis and end your problem once and for all!

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