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Dental Crowns - Before and After
New Dental Patient Information Charleston SC Photo At the practice of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, we want to treat our patients in a comprehensive manner to ensure we are able to bring the smile to a healthy, stable, aesthetic, and sustainable state. Patients who desire comprehensive treatment during their first appointment will have a complete diagnostic workup completed. This may include:

  • A series of full mouth x-rays which aids Dr. Andrew Greenberg in diagnosing anything that needs to be observed or treated, including carious lesions, signs of periodontal disease, or tooth decay.

  • A cleaning that is thorough enough to remove plaque, tartar, and any bacteria, while allowing the dentist the opportunity to probe the gums to check periodontal status.

  • Diagnostic impressions of the teeth to create stone study molds. These may help our team in designing custom plans for crowns, bridges, implants, and even dentures.

  • Treatment for specific issues of the smile which may include toothaches, areas of dental decay, and cosmetic issues which may have brought patients into our practice for attention.

Patients who have specific issues will receive a consultation, examination, and diagnosis, as well as suggestions for treating their particular issue. This may include referrals for endodontic therapy, dental fillings, extraction of problematic teeth, or restorative plans to repair appearance and function to the smile. We also offer emergency treatment for knocked out teeth, broken teeth, and lost restorations which can occur with no advance notice.

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