Dental Bridges Services at Mouth Carolina Dentistry in Charleston, SC

Dental Bridges Charleston SC Photo On the list of fixed prosthodontic dental solutions offered at Mouth Carolina is the dental bridge. A bridge will do exactly that: bridge the gap between two teeth (or more) with one or more artificial teeth. A bridge is not a removable fixture and it will stay in your mouth permanently.

Unlike other artificial teeth such as dentures or crowns, bridges are fixed onto the teeth adjoining the gap in your mouth, or on to their neighbors. There are several ways to build a dental bridge depending on how it will be fitted in place, and what substance will be used to manufacture it.

If it is to be fitted indirectly, it will be manufactured in a laboratory according to an impression taken of the teeth, and then fixed on the abutment teeth. It is also possible for composite resin bridges to be molded and fixed directly onto the teeth inside the mouth. In both cases, the adjoining teeth are planed down and perfectly shaped to make room for and accommodate the bridge, depending on the type of substance being used.

Dental Bridges - Before and After

You will need at least two visits to our clinic for this procedure. During the first appointment, the abutment teeth will be prepared and an impression will be taken of the teeth and gap, to be sent to the manufacturing laboratory. At Mouth Carolina, we promise only the best and you can expect your dental prosthesis to fit perfectly onto the adjoining teeth, providing you maximum comfort.

You can select from porcelain, gold or ceramic-metal fused material for your bridge. Our expert dentists will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, and recommend the best substance for your individual situation. You don't have to live with uncomfortable and unsightly gaps, come and visit us at Mouth Carolina and have them bridged.

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