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Dr. Andrew Greenberg Dr. Andrew Greenberg is a Florence, South Carolina native who received his Bachelor’s Degree in New Orleans, Louisiana at Tulane University. He graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine in 2009, receiving a 2008 membership into the Presidential Scholars Program. This is an exclusive, high honor for an MUSC student.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg qualified for the Dean’s List several times at the College of Dental Medicine due to his excellent clinic studies and science knowledge. He also belongs to several dental associations listed at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg showed artistic passion at an early age, delving into classical piano, art, painting, and architecture. At Moore Middle School, he was voted as the most talented art student by faculty, proving he had a gift in this field. In addition, he started playing electric guitar for his high school’s jazz band and several local bands. His visual arts side showed as he developed his skills as an amateur digital graphic artist and programmer.

After his high school years, Dr. Andrew Greenberg moved to the New Orleans community for undergraduate training in internet and graphic design, computer programming, and music with classical and jazz guitar. He studied many aspects of art and design including writing, photography, production, and film directing, receiving a certificate in film-making through the New York Film Academy.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg continued to write and perform music while designing multi-media art and websites. He brings this same passion to every dental procedure he performs for patients and keeps in mind proportion and aesthetics with his multi-faceted knowledge.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg was exposed to medicine through his father, Dr. Phillip Greenberg. Dr. Phillip Greenberg is a general surgeon and Dr. Andrew Greenberg spent many summers watching his father perform surgeries and other procedures through his practice. Dr. Andrew Greenberg read about medicine and psychology in his spare time and even participated in philanthropy through the Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg was highly active in academic challenges in both middle and high school and has a continued thirst for knowledge. He applies this educational advantage to his everyday work at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA.

Dental Patient Video Testimonials Charleston SC - Happy Patients

Video Transcript
Cosmetic dentistry can change someone’s appearance dramatically and improve their self-confidence as a result. You can get whiter teeth or just better look to them in terms of shape, positioning.

So for me, going to the dentist can be kind of scary. But Dr. Greenberg really puts me at ease, he even makes me laugh! If he can just help me remember to floss.

I think they really like the relaxed atmosphere, and just kind of the demeanor, just like to hang out with us and just have a good time as opposed to being really stiff and kind of businesslike about the whole process.

The staff is always very friendly, they always make me feel very comfortable, and the fact that they’re open after hours really fits my schedule nicely.

I feel like there’s really a need for that in Charleston and in the whole country in general. it seems like there’s not really a lot of opportunities for people that are in pain on the weekends and on Fridays. My operating room is equipped with some of the latest technology in dentistry. We have video glasses for the patients to watch during procedures, we have the most cutting edge x-rays, the highest definition in the world right now.

I found out he was my age, which was a nice thing, you know. We ended up having a lot in common, actually. I had to get a cavity filled, he gave me a shot, I didn’t even feel it.

The wand is an anesthesia system that I use for getting people numb basically, and it’s syringeless anesthesia, so it doesn’t involve traditional needle. The benefits of digital x-rays is first of all, I can see what’s going on in your teeth a lot more clear which enables me to make a better diagnosis, and in terms of time it’s much quicker. Pops up on the screen instantly. The easiest way to schedule an appointment would be to call us at 843.628.7744 and we usually answer the phone most hours of the day and night.
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