Signs a Dental Crown May Need to be Replaced

Although dental crowns have an extensive lifespan, they don’t last forever. Porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crowns may last 10 years or more, with proper care, while metal crowns generally have a lifespan of 20 years. If a crown has outlived its usefulness, you may need to have it replaced to continue protecting your tooth. Charleston, South Carolina, residents can come to Mouth Carolina Dentistry for dental crown replacement services.

Dental Crown Replacement in Charleston SC Area

Signs a Crown May Need to be Replaced

If your crown is cracked, broken, or loose, it obviously needs replacing. Other signs of a faulty crown include:

  • Your bite seems “off” or uneven
  • The gums around your crowned tooth are receding
  • Your crown is 10 years or older
  • You experience pain when you chew
  • Your tooth or the gum tissue around that tooth is swollen

An evaluation by Dr. Andrew Greenberg at Mouth Carolina Dentistry can determine if your restoration is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Importance of Replacing a Faulty Crown

Dental crowns serve an essential purpose in protecting weak or vulnerable teeth. If your tooth was cracked or broken due to decay or injury, your dentist might have covered it with a broken tooth cap (crown) to prevent further breakage. Once your crown becomes compromised, it can no longer protect your damaged tooth, putting it at risk of cracking or crumbling.

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A faulty crown won’t keep decay or oral infections at bay either. If harmful bacteria seeps through a cracked or broken crown, your tooth could become reinfected. The infection could spread to nearby teeth and compromise their health as well. By replacing that crown sooner rather than later, you can avoid dealing with the aftermath of severe dental issues.

Dental Crown Replacement Near Me

If you suspect a problem with a dental crown or other dental restoration, contact Dr. Andrew Greenberg at your earliest convenience so we can identify and rectify the problem quickly. To schedule a consultation with your Charleston, South Carolina dentist, contact Mouth Carolina Dentistry at (843)751 4262.

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