Specialized dentistry services in Charleston, SC can help you find headache relief

Experiencing a headache every now and then is normal. For those who suffer from chronic headaches, however, quality of life may be greatly diminished. Various factors may lead to a headache – dehydration, lack of sleep, and muscle tension are common triggers. One headache trigger that many people, even medical professionals miss, is the oral structure.

Specialized dentistry services in Charleston, SC

Although most would not consider their dentist as one to visit for recurring headaches, Dr. Greenberg has extensive training to understand all aspects of the maxillofacial structure. With this specialized training, he is able to determine if TMJ disorder is the root cause of chronic headaches.

TMJ disorder is a condition in which the temporomandibular joints have become dysfunctional. These joints, located at the back of each side of the jaw, are responsible for the various movements we perform every day. The TMJs help us chew properly, speak clearly, and smile comfortably. Should they become excessively stressed, these joints may become stiff, inflamed, or even pop or lock up. Most people think that the effects of TMJ disorder would affect only the jaw. In reality, these joints are intricately tied to other body parts.

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The jaw in a complex structure, it is supported by various muscles, ligaments, and tendons, as well as the temporomandibular joints. As the joints become irritated, a domino effect occurs. Muscles tighten, and ligaments may pull, creating even more pressure on the joints. The soft tissues that support the jaw also extend around the head and neck, even down into the shoulders. As such, the impact of TMJ disorder can be far-reaching.

Commonly, TMJ is associated with jaw popping or clicking, and even a limited range of motion of the jaw. In some cases, however, as more muscles become involved, tension may produce headaches, jaw pain, shoulder tension, and earaches. The persistence of this tension may lead to chronic headaches or migraines.

Most cases of TMJ disorder can be quickly diagnosed and successfully treated by your skilled dentist. Our approach to treating this condition is to fabricate a custom-designed oral appliance to be worn while sleeping. This appliance relieves the tension on fragile joints, improving comfort. Realignment of the jaw may also be achieved by a customized appliance, further relieving stress on joints for greater physical comfort.

Specialty dentistry services in our Charleston, SC practice can get you smiling again. Contact us for your visit with Dr. Greenberg.

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