Understanding the link between diabetes and dental health

Diabetes causes a myriad of problems. Those who have been diagnosed with this condition understand how the disease can affect their eyes, nerves, heart, kidneys, and other parts of the body. However, many are unaware of the link between diabetes and dental health. Dr. Andrew Greenberg of the Charleston area educates his patients about the ways in which diabetic patients can maintain better dental health.

Understanding the link between diabetes and dental health

Patients with diabetes are at a higher risk for developing a condition called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an infection of the bone and gum tissues, which can lead to problems such as the loss of natural teeth, as well as irreversible damage to the gums and bone.

Patients who have diabetes may also have concerns such as dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay, ulcers, and overall soreness of the mouth. Those who smoke may experience a worsening of these symptoms as well.

In order for diabetic patients to maintain their oral health, they must keep a close eye on their condition. Those who maintain their blood glucose levels may reduce the effects of diabetes on their oral health, as well as maintaining regular dental checkups with Dr. Andrew Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA.

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Diabetic patients should always maintain the health and beauty of their smile with proper care and attention. Brushing and flossing the teeth after every meal is a wonderful step in keeping the smile looking its best. Regular dental appointments with Dr. Andrew Greenberg can also help in ensuring patients enjoy the benefits of a dazzling, healthy smile!

Diabetes is a serious condition that needs to be controlled in order to maintain overall health and wellbeing. Patients in and around the Charleston area who are interested in maintaining their oral health along with their diabetes can speak to their dentist about the ways in which the two are linked. Knowing how one condition affects the other is a great way to understand the benefits of great oral health.

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