West Ashley dentist describes basic oral health habits for kids

Starting kids off with good oral health habits is essential for helping them maintain a beautiful smile for life. Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA is a cosmetic and general family dentist who can provide patients of all ages with the education they need to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Here are just a few suggestions he offers when it comes to oral health for kids!

Oral Health for Kids West Ashley Dentist


Brushing is essential to removing food particles, sugars, plaque, and bacteria from the teeth and gums. As soon as a child can brush their teeth, they should do so after every meal. Even infants without any teeth can benefit from a damp cloth rubbed over their gums to remove any remaining milk. Brushing as soon as teeth develop can help keep tooth decay at bay and reduce the risk of periodontal disease.


Flossing is important because it removes food particles from between teeth. These food particles can become trapped and promote bacteria that can negatively affect the smile. Parents should teach their children how to properly floss as soon as they have adjacent teeth and can handle floss properly. Parents can offer guidance and enforce flossing at least once a day to maintain good oral health.

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Dental examinations should be done at least twice a year. This can help
Dr. Greenberg determine if there is tooth decay, periodontal disease, or any other condition that needs attention. At certain appointments, x-rays may be taken to examine the bone structure underneath the gum tissue and ensure all is healthy.


Younger children may benefit from sealants and fluoride treatments which can help reduce the risk of developing tooth decay along with proper dental habits. Sealants can address the crevices in the back teeth where decay often begins and allows patients a fighting chance with cavities.

Proper Diet

Children should also maintain a healthy diet free from sugars, acidic drinks, and other ingredients that can be harmful to the smile. Candies, sodas, and other treats should be limited, and children should brush their teeth immediately after enjoying any of these sweets.

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