Dentist in Charleston explains when root canal therapy is best to save your tooth

Preventing damage to the teeth and gums and maintaining good oral health is an ongoing journey. However, many common procedures such as fillings and crowns are restorative by nature.

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Fillings are designed to repair damage caused by a cavity in the tooth. The filling material is anchored to surrounding, healthy tooth structure. Yet, decay or damage can’t always be repaired with a simple filling. Damage may be such that the tooth would fall apart without a crown, which caps the tooth so it doesn’t have to rely on natural tooth for support. A crown can also restore the appearance and function of a tooth that has suffered past breakage or is very worn.

In some cases, a dental crown is preceded by root canal treatment. Dr. Greenberg won’t know if the root canal procedure is best for you until the roots of the tooth to be crowned and the surrounding bone are evaluated at his Charleston office. In the event of injury or infection to the soft, sensitive center of the tooth or pulp, root canal therapy will be recommended.

Since root canal treatment has the unfair reputation of being a painful procedure, many patients are pleasantly surprised to find their experience is no different from a simple filling. Patients get relief from tooth pain and are able to enjoy food and get quality sleep again.

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The doctor will remove the nerve and pulp. Afterward the tooth is cleaned and filled, then the part of the tooth that was accessed for cleaning is sealed. Once complete, you will not only feel better but avoid complications associated with severe decay and damage to the nerve and pulp, including:

  • A pus-filled infection or abscess, which can spread to other parts of the face
  • A dangerous systemic infection
  • Tooth loss
  • The need for a costly and extensive tooth replacement procedure, such as dental implant-supported crowns

Root canal therapy is best to save your tooth
Not all teeth can be saved with root canal therapy. The sooner decay can be treated, the greater the odds of having successful outcomes. Root canal treatment is often the only way to save severely damaged teeth. Restored teeth avoid extraction. Removing a tooth should always be the absolute last resort. When a tooth is lost, surrounding bone is also lost and can have significant negative effects on how you eat, speak, and even on how you look.

Root canal treatment is also a cost-effective alternative to tooth replacement options. Call (843)751 4262 to schedule an appointment at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA.

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