If I get a tooth ache – What should I do and not do?

Things that not to do when suffering tooth ache

A tooth ache can be caused by a number of issues; therefore it is hard to advise someone what to do for their situation without knowing the cause of the ache or pain. The most common tooth ache causes I see and diagnose are pulpal (tooth nerve) irritation secondary to deep decay, pulpal irritation secondary to either hyper occlusion (a tooth being too high) or clenching/grinding, and lastly bone and periodontal infection due to bacteria traveling though the pulp at the center of the tooth into the supporting structures below. The most typical presentation for a tooth ache caused by … Continue reading

Does a tooth ache mean I have other bad teeth?

Women suffering with tooth ache

Most often when a person has a tooth ache it is caused by decay. Tooth decay, or dental caries, is caused by bacteria that inhabit human being’s mouths. Whether or not that bacteria causes decay is based on dietary, personal habits (ex. smoking, chewing tobacco) and how effective a person’s oral hygiene regimen is. It is best to brush three times a day and floss at least twice a day to keep minimal bacteria and food from adhering to the teeth. It is also advisable to limit drinks containing simple sugars and candies to keep the bacteria more at bay. … Continue reading

When a Charleston dentist may assist patients with urgent dental care

Charleston dentist may assist patients with urgent dental care

Accidents happen. They are unexpected and, when they occur to the mouth, can be extremely painful. Whether it’s a knocked out tooth or a severe toothache that keeps a patient up all night, Charleston dentist, Dr. Greenberg, can help with urgent dental care needs. Patients of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA can rely on emergency dental services through our practice. We provide a variety of treatments that can assist patients in getting comfortable and restoring their smile. Toothaches If a toothache is the result of a deep cavity, infection, or abscess, we can perform a root canal as soon as possible … Continue reading

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