What is the safest whitening procedure a Charleston dentist can offer?

What Is The Safest Whitening Procedure A Charleston Dentist Can Offer?

Many people look at their teeth while brushing or throughout the day and make a mental note to have them whitened. Many factors can contribute to a dull or discolored smile – coffee, red wine, smoking, and aging can all cause your teeth to look dingy or yellowed. However, whitening can seem complicated, expensive, uncertain, or even unsafe. Dr. Andrew Greenberg, of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, wants you to know that cosmetic teeth whitening can be completely safe when conducted appropriately. Often patients rush to the drugstore, buy up many of the whitening products, and then use them without thinking … Continue reading

In what situation is Tooth Whitening Treatment from your Charleston Dentist not recommended?

In What Situation Is Tooth Whitening Treatment From Your Charleston Dentist Not Recommended?

In as little as two hours a day, patients can enjoy the benefits of tooth whitening from Dr. Andrew Greenberg, the premier Charleston dentist. At Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, patients can transform their smiles with quick and easy at-home tooth whitening kits. In-office tooth whitening is not offered at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA because it offers no lasting advantages over the bleaching trays that can be used by patients in their own home. In addition, in-office whitening is far more expensive to the patient due to higher cost of materials and chair time. These whitening kits include a custom-made whitening … Continue reading

Is it Recommended That Anyone Not Undergo Teeth Whitening?

Is It Recommended That Anyone Not Undergo Teeth Whitening?

For most, a beautiful, whiter smile is within reach. Charleston dentist Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina offers tooth whitening services to rejuvenate smiles in as little as two hours a day. Whiter, brighter smiles are no longer only for the Hollywood elite, and at-home teeth whitening is an affordable way for the everyday patient to experience a more brilliant, amazing smile quickly and easily! In-home teeth whitening is easy. Dr. Greenberg will create a custom tooth whitening tray for patients that fits their teeth, and will send the patient home with whitening solution. Dr. Greenberg will educate patients on how … Continue reading

What Is Involved In A Tooth Whitening Procedure?

What Is Involved In A Tooth Whitening Procedure?

Teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. Many times, the foods and drinks that we enjoy are the culprit. Coffee, wine, teas, and certain fruits can result in discoloration on the enamel of our teeth. Additionally, smoking and chewing tobacco can cause staining over time. Medication and genetics also play a part in the yellowing of our teeth. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to fix it. Regardless of how long stains have been on their teeth, many patients turn to cosmetic tooth whitening. Charleston dentist Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA offers at-home … Continue reading

Finding a successful tooth whitening treatment by a West Ashley area dentist

Finding A Successful Tooth Whitening Treatment By A West Ashley Area Dentist

Patients who want to transform their smile quickly and easily will enjoy the benefits of tooth whitening. West Ashley and Charleston residents can visit Dr. Greenberg, of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA, for this terrific service. He provides tooth whitening and bleaching systems that allow patients to achieve a whiter, brighter smile that is beautiful and dramatic. This transformation can be done a variety of ways, including in-office whitening treatments and at-home whitening trays. However, Dr. Greenberg is a strong believer in the benefits and long-lasting whitening of professional at-home whitening trays. At-home whitening trays available at Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA … Continue reading

Teeth whitening treatment an easy process with gorgeous results

Teeth Whitening Treatment An Easy Process With Gorgeous Results

There is an expectation of beauty today that is far different from what we had even half a century ago. Although the aging process has always been recognized as inevitable, we have consistently sought better ways to maintain a more youthful aesthetic. Society has also changed in the fact that we now love to broadcast the various aspects of our lives online. No longer are we given the opportunity to prepare for photos. At any moment, you could find yourself in front of the lens, like it or not. One way to maintain your highest level of confidence in the … Continue reading

Why is a dental teeth whitening much more effective with a Charleston area dentist?

Why Is A Dental Teeth Whitening Much More Effective With A Charleston Area Dentist?

Many patients love the idea of being able to whiten their teeth to rejuvenate the appearance of their smile. Foods and drinks can cause staining and discoloration of teeth and factors such as aging and medications can also play a role in dulling the smile. Instead of just assuming they have to “live with” a discolored smile, many patients speak with their dentist to find out if they can undergo professional dental teeth whitening with their Charleston area dentist, Dr. Greenberg of Mouth Carolina Dentistry, PA. Dr. Greenberg is proud to offer professional grade whitening kits in his practice. Patients … Continue reading

The right dentist in West Ashley can whiten your smile

The Right Dentist In West Ashley Can Whiten Your Smile

Behavioral experts say that we form a first impression within seven seconds of meeting someone new, based on how safe comfortable that person’s appearance makes us feel. Babies and even animals respond favorably to an attractive smile. Smiling is critical to a good first impression, and to social and business interactions throughout relationships. No matter if your eyes sparkle, your hair has gloss, your skin is smooth, and your breath is sweet – if your teeth are dingy your smile detracts from your appearance. Know what causes tooth discoloration, and what you can do to combat it. Cause of discoloration … Continue reading

Who is the Best Dentist in Charleston for Teeth Whitening?

Who Is The Best Dentist In Charleston For Teeth Whitening?

Teeth are naturally white and lustrous. But over time, even with good oral hygiene, your diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, and wear can reduce that natural brilliance. Teeth whitening restores it. There are basically four ways to whiten your smile: Over the counter toothpastes, mouth rinses, and strips. These remove some surface staining. Custom-fit trays you use at home with prescription grade gel for deeper whitening in about two weeks. In-office whitening (deep bleaching or laser whitening) for dramatic results on even serious discoloration in about an hour (this however does not last long term.) Combination of in-office treatment and take … Continue reading

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

What Are The Side Effects Of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is generally considered safe and effective if the whitening gels contain 10 percent carbamide peroxide or less. However, if the composition is more, it can weaken the tooth enamel, although the content of fluoride present in the whitening gel can minimize this effect. There is also a possibility that chemical burns may develop on the gums and mucous membranes if too much bleach is in contact for too long. A professionally made custom tray from your dentist together with appropriate home care instructions and compliance will reduce the chances of this effect. Tooth sensitivity is another common side … Continue reading

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